Updates To Forum Threads Notifying User requests Not Happening

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    Asked on May 14, 2014 at 09:14 AM


    On nearly all occasions I happen to find out about a fix or a feature request by luck i.e. manually going in and seeing whether the feature has been added.

    This has happened on multiple occasions ... the latest being the "Mark as Read" feature I requested. Was I informed via the thread as padvised that I would? No.

    I have looked back and can identify over 10 times this has happened.#

    You do not consistently update threads on fixes, etc.

    If you claim that you do ... then I am obviously expremely unlucky in that I am consistently the rare case that doesn't get notified.

    So, now I have outstanding requests ... but have no confidence the threads will be updated to advise me as such.

    Regards Mark

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    Answered on May 14, 2014 at 12:44 PM

    Hi Mark, I really do apologize if it's seemed inconsistent as far as you are concerned. To my knowledge and looking at this concern of yours from my point of view here. I can honestly and accurately verify that we do update threads when problems are fixed or new features are added as far as I know of.

    However, Looking back through a few of your most recent threads I found what I think and believe you might be referring to in regards to your mentioned " inconsistencies ". I found that these two threads (see below) were an issue that was supposed to have been fixed yet it looks like you were not happy with the resolution on your end as I can see you still stated there was a problem and it looks like it had gotten ignored after the fact though I am not entirely sure how that happened.

    #1 ~ http://www.jotform.com/answers/367305-Feature-Request-Add-Mark-As-Read-To-Dropdown#5

    #2 ~ http://www.jotform.com/answers/252539-How-To-Prevent-Mulltiple-Submissions-Of-Forms-In-The-Same-Session#14

    I believe there may have likely been a small error which occurred causing the thread not to updated to show a response from you back to us in our forum which would have shown us that you were still having a problem with it. I say that because I know for a fact that our entire team knows better than to do that manually especially if its a continued problem even in occasions where it might often get dragged out longer than it needs to.


    I also can honestly say that I do believe we do get things fixed as soon as we can resolve them especially during emergency situations. But in light of that statement I don't think it is always going to be a fix that is going to appease everyone all at once all the time because it will likely cause a few other issues but we will fix those too asap as we normally do. Aside from that it's just highly unrealistic and almost impossible to do even with the world's best programmers out there as I'm sure other tech guru's would likely say the same though society expects sheer perfection anyhow. 

    If I have strayed from your actual concern then I do apologize. And Either way though, I am truly sorry about this and I've informed our Dev's about it again so that we can check on it further as soon as possible to make sure everything is going smoothly from our end. We will do what we can to double-check everything, but it will likely require further patience until then.