Requesting advice on form structure/access

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    Asked on May 17, 2014 at 07:48 AM


    I have created forms for registering people at my church's VBS.  There are 5 forms, each for a different age group.  Getting the data is not an issue.  What is the issue is a way to manage it upon check in. 

    I will have some terminals setup for the registration team to check folks in each day, but they will need access to an ongoing record of the data to log attendance and such.  I also will have a few kiosks that will allow folks to register onsite so capturing love data is also somewhat handy.

    I tried to send to Google Docs (Spreadsheet), and that was working wonderfully until I ran into the Infinte List widget.  I needed this widget to allow parents to register multiple children on one form, and since there is a wide range of numbers for that, I used Infinate Lists to accomplish that.  When the data is sent over to Google Docs, that field, (and one more like it) are pretty much unusable in the spreadsheet format, yet it needs to be easily searchable when someone comes up, search for name, have a form, have a second page to a form for data we would plug in (like attendance).

    I am not in a position to give them access to JotForm itself, (I need to limit the techie portion from them).

    My questions:

    Is using the same form just with a second page for "Our use only", to plug in check in data a good idea or should that be handled outside of this original registration form?

    What way would anyone suggest I handle the registration part in a simple manner, (live sort of because we will not be in a position to export during registration).

    Any help is always welcomed.




    The linked form is an example where Infinite Lists is used in section 2.  It collects the most data.

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    Answered on May 17, 2014 at 05:26 PM

    To answer your questions and concerns. The reason that the infinite lists doesn't work with your spreadsheet is because google doesn't read the form widget's custom values correctly. It is actually a custom format provided by our forms so that is why. This is the reason it works on your forms.

    I think your form looks okay. I could probably come up with a condensed version if you want, but in all honestly it's a bit difficult to provide you with an example since after inspecting your form it looks pretty much like you wish to collect a lot of data anyhow. So if I were to simplify that more there is a high chance that it would likely turn into something you don't want. And I have no intentions of trying anything to make you do double the work where it really isn't necessary. 

    Additionally, I also believe a great way to fix your spreadsheet issue would be to use a Grid Listing Report instead. On top of that something else that may find to be a little more handy here is our JotForm Daily Digest which should also help you out.


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    Answered on May 17, 2014 at 06:06 PM

    Well, you are right about the info. We have 4 age groups, and they are requiring quite a bit of data.  I have a few extra fields so that it flows better.  I by no means am a form designer, so there is no doubt it could be done better, and I GREATLY appreicate the offer, (just goes to show the support you all offer is second to none), but I will let it be so you can spend that time helping real issues and not design issues. :)  If you had a verbal (textual) list of a few things that the form lacks or should have in terms of design, I am not against that if you have the time somewhere.


    I understand the delimna with Google Forms.  I chose that only because it was the only thing that allowed live integreation without needing to log in to get data.  I will look at the Grid Listing Report in a few moments.  As far as the daily digest, you are correct, I can see that working, just that it is once daily. 


    I have seen this topic appear quite a few times before I posted so I did not think anything was available yet for this, still this solution is quite better than the alternatives.  I will try both and see and get back with how either works.  Thakn you.

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    Answered on May 18, 2014 at 12:06 AM

    Hi Michael,

    We have received your latest response.

    Regarding using the Grid Listing Report to collect data, I think you will not be able to do this using the Grid Listing Report -- because the content of the Grid listing report is read-only. You will probably need some custom scripts/program just to be able to parse the data and collect them.

    If my understanding is correct, the reason you wanted to use the Google integration is because you wanted to collect the data including those coming from Infinite List widget.

    As you had found out already, the data collected in Google spreadhseet for the Infinitel list widget is not useable since it has crude or cryptic format/result.

    BUT I think what is more suitable to use instead is using the Excel Report 

    Guide: -How-to-create-an-Excel-Report

    The output result of Infinite List widget in Excel Report can be easily parse and collected -- unlike the one from Google's spreadsheet.

    I did a test form that have Infinite List widget to test the collection of data using Excel Report.

    This is the sample  Excel report

    The downside to this is, you will need to have MS Excel application, and if you need to Filter the output data of Infinite list to a separate spreadsheet.




    I understand that my suggestion can be overwhelming, but if you actually try it, it will only involve up to 5 steps maximum.

    Hope this help also. Please don't hesitate to inform us if you need further assistance or even if you have suggestion also.