Creating and receiving formatted Text Area fields

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    Asked on August 11, 2011 at 09:17 PM

    1. When I received a completed form, the Text Area fields run on and on horizontally off the email page and off the printed page.  How do I set the preference so that the answers appear in the boxes in which they were written...


    2. How do I limit the number of words (characters) that can be typed into a text area and a text box?  It seems like the user can just ignore the limits and keep typing.

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    Answered on August 11, 2011 at 10:01 PM

    Hi spiritualpaths

    To answer your second question first, you stated that it seemed "the user can just ignore the limits..." but from what I can see, your fields presently have no limits set. To set limits on the fields, do the following:

    1. Load the form into the form builder and click the text area field on which you wish to place a limit

    2. In the toolbar above the work area, click Entry Limit and select the unit (words or letters) by which you want to limit user input and the amount. For text boxes, use the Max Size button. (In each case, "0" means no limit.)

    3. Repeat the process for each field for which you wish to restrict input and save the form

    As to your first question, I cloned your form, entered huge amounts of text into both the text boxes and text areas and in each instance the text wrapped okay. Which email client are you using? A screenshot of what you see in your inbox might prove useful.

    We'll await your response.

    Incidentally, even though your questions are loosely related, we request that users post just one topic per thread.


    ~ Wayne

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    Answered on August 12, 2011 at 02:07 AM
    Thanks. Can the completed form be sent to me as an actual PDF document? This would make it more legible and easier to print nicely for our student paper files. I am using Apple mail. I don't know why the text isn't wrapping on the finished forms I receive. But I will go in to the fields and limited the number of words/characters.
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    Answered on August 12, 2011 at 06:23 AM


    We currently do not have an option to attach PDF files in notification mails sent for every submissions made, although I can think of two workarounds which may not exactly work in the same way as you wish but can output pdf's fine.

    First is by integrating your form to Dropbox. For every submission made, the details are saved in a pdf file and gets sent to a chosen Dropbox folder. Please visit the link below to learn more about it.

    Dropbox - Jotform Integration

    The second workaround ouputs a link of the pdf formatted submission in the notification mail for the form. Here's what you should do:

    1.  Open your form's notification mail settings by clicking Setup & Embed > Email Alerts > Notification (or whatever its name is)
    2. While in the Compose Email screen, copy and paste this link anywhere in the email content:{id}

    3.  Highlight (select) this link then click the link button in the toolbar

    4.  Paste the same url in the Insert/Edit Link window then click Insert
    5.  Click finish to save your new e-mail notification

    Hope these solutions are of any value to you. Let us know if you require further assistance with your forms. Thanks!