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    Asked on May 27, 2014 at 06:06 PM

    JotForm Support,
    Hello, I am currently a Premium JotForm customer (username: ctijot), and have a question about this form:

    This form has a integration. Some time between February and May of this year the integration appears to have broken. The form submissions no longer appeared in my account. We made no changes to the form during this time. Do you know why the integration might break? I have since removed the integration, and rebuilt it. It appears to be working now. My client wants to understand whether this solution will be stable enough to rely on.

    Many Thanks,

    Jenine Cordon
    University of Idaho

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    Answered on May 27, 2014 at 07:48 PM

    Hi Jenine,

    It is customary for applications to get updates or patch at some point. Possibly for enhancements or bug fixed. What I am saying is, must have undergone with an updates/changes on their end that caused problem with your form integration. This is because the configurations of the integration must have become out of sync due to the updates/changes.

    When you remove and then re-integrate, this allows the updates/changes properly applied and take effect on the current form. This is the reason why the current integration  is now working as intended.

    I can assure you that our solution for this is stable to rely on, since we already have a lot of users that were also relying on it already.

    Unfortunately, we also cannot know when or how integrated solutions will have updates/changes on their end. So, we cannot really inform you ahead of time to redo integration or pro-actively adjust.

    Hope this information help. Please contact us again anytime for any assistance you might need.