Several free accounts to each client or one account with sub-users?

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    Asked on June 04, 2014 at 08:06 PM

    Hi there at JotForm,

    I have a few clients which have forms in their websites. I create websites via Sitegrinder from Medialab.

    I can embed code quite easily and it works fine. So if I want to use your forms instaed, rather than create forms in Sitegrinder,

    (it does for example not support FILE UPLOAD and CAPTCHA) ... Should alwyas the client create an own account

    in order to prevent expenses? Or, how is it meant to use only one subaccount each?

    As of this reading it will be used for "Turngau Mitelbaden/Murgtal" in Germany. I tested it it with my own Emailadress

    which is "".

    So far the Site is on a subdomain from my ftp called:

    untill I transfer it to the final Domain.

    Thanks in advance


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    Answered on June 05, 2014 at 09:11 AM

    Free accounts are limited to 100 monthly submissions and 10 SSL (secure) submissions. If you expect the sum of submissions from all your clients to be more than these limits, you can either choose a paid plan or create different free accounts. You can see the pricing plan conditions here.

    The sub-account allows an external user, with its own Jotform account, to have access to some forms or submissions (according to the level of access granted by you).

    Also free accounts allow you to have only one sub-account, but the monthly limit of 100 submissions remains the same for the sum of both the account and sub-account, so I'm not sure if in the case of the free account this would be helpful.

    I'm not sure if you need assistance with your form, but if so please provide us more details and we will get back to you.

    Thank you