Embed form in wordpress isn't responsive

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    Asked on June 07, 2014 at 02:09 PM


    I've emebed a form in a self-hosted wordpress site with a responsive theme.

    the form isn't responsive and some of the fields are cut off. 

    i've already tried the solution you posted here - http://www.jotform.com/answers/295095-How-can-I-get-this-form-to-be-responsive-and-fluid-on-mobile-devices.

    and it didn't work.

    the form is at http://www.besodhasiach.org/10/?page_id=282

    what to do ?


    thank you


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    Answered on June 07, 2014 at 05:54 PM

    Upon checking your form you provided in mobile devices, I could reproduce the same problem.

    Finally I've just come to the point that there might be script conflict between form and WP source code. The easiest way to deal conflicts is to re-embed your form using iframe embed code. Since the form loads in iframe container, it won't conflict anything on your page.

    Please get back to us with updates about your query.

    Thank You.

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    Answered on June 07, 2014 at 06:22 PM

    In addition to my first response, I'd like to inform you that you should not include the script part (strikethrough below), just use the iframe code when you embed it to your WP page.

    <iframe id="JotFormIFrame" onload="window.parent.scrollTo(0,0)" allowtransparency="true" src="//form.jotformpro.com/form/41576355112956" frameborder="0" style="width:100%; height:5592px; border:none;" scrolling="no"></iframe>
    <script type="text/javascript">window.handleIFrameMessage = function(e) {var args = e.data.split(":");var iframe = document.getElementById("JotFormIFrame");if (!iframe)return;switch (args[0]) {case "scrollIntoView":iframe.scrollIntoView();break;case "setHeight":iframe.style.height = args[1] + "px";break;}};if (window.addEventListener) {window.addEventListener("message", handleIFrameMessage, false);} else if (window.attachEvent) {window.attachEvent("onmessage", handleIFrameMessage);}</script>

    Please let us know what happens after trying this.