How to populate an array and sum its contents.

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    Asked on June 18, 2014 at 07:02 PM

    Dear Jot Forms,

    I’m a software developer looking for some guidance with Jot Forms.   My customer wants to create an online catalog with a smart PDF file.  Hyperlinks in the PDF file will lead to the population of a form on the web.  For example, customer finds the shoes he wants to purchase in the PDF catalog, double clicks, and is led from there to a shopping cart.  The economic driver here is that the catalogue is complete in the PDF file:  It would be more expensive to turn that catalog into a webpage.  If I can make the PDF intelligent, it saves them all the hassle of doing e-commerce from scratch.  What we need is a shopping cart.  I don’t need to worry about tax or shipping, just the sum of item numbers.

    I assume I would be paying you to help me with this, and I want to run the big picture past you now for your input and guesstimate of what it would take.

    Here is what I have built so far: 

    All my programming experience is in C and VBA, and I have done little with web development.  I think someone with your experience could build a jot form into a quasi-shopping cart.

    There is a reason I do not want to work with a full-blown e-commerce system.  I am responsible for a full point-of-sale, warehouse and shipping system for this customer.  The final end point is to translate the data in the jot form into a sales order on our existing system.

    The entire description of needs could be summarized like this:

    Populate several rows of a jot form with item numbers.  (This will be done from the smart PDF file.)  Create a clickable buttons to navigate the user back and forth between the PDF and “shopping cart”.  Create one smart button at the end of the jot form to “buy now”.  When that button is clicked, the contents of the form are written into a text file which is attached to an email.  I will pick up the email later and open a text file and turned into my sales order.

    The portions of this which would not be easy for me are in italics above.  I could probably teach myself to do this and I’m attracted to that option.  But if you can do it for me in a couple of hours and show me the source code, that would be good, too.

    Another unsolved puzzle would be the management of the deletes and edits to the shopping cart.  It would be really cool if there were a function in jot forms which would create an array and I always append to the last empty slot in the array on a grid of item numbers.  And quantities.


    This does not work.  What am I missing?




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    Answered on June 18, 2014 at 08:59 PM

    Thank you for the detailed information. First off, I would like for you to know that are forms already have Payment Tools available. Which are designed for you to easily add which products you want listed then allow the users to select quantity and other custom options you need.

    Please review the following guides for more information:


    Also this is the only way we allow payment processing on our forms, as we do not allow any other way to collect payment data from users. For security reasons.

    If you have any further concerns, do let us know. Thank you.