Widget News! Issue 4 June 26 2014

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    Asked on June 26, 2014 at 03:18 PM

    We're excited to showcase the power of Form Widgets in our Fourth Issue of Widget News! 

    While most form users are careful when filling out web forms to ensure that they provide accurate information, everyone likes forms they can fill out easily and quickly. 

    In some cases, inaccurate results are filled out and submitted, despite the best intentions of the form user.   

    To help your users along, form widgets are designed with your form user in mind; providing tools to help them provide accurate information with ease and speed.


    Some of our widgets are so powerful, that they harness a global library of data like maps, addresses and visually assistive layouts; quickly helping your form users along as they complete the form. 

    Visit our Widget Gallery and see how you can make your form user's experience easier and enjoyable.

    Here are our featured widgets this week:   

    According to Third Door Media*, three out of ten people who use your form will do it on a mobile device. Many webmasters design their websites with PC's, Mac's and most Mobile devices in mind. 

    This widget automatically resizes your form to fit a mobile screen, which allows anyone with a mobile device to use your form comfortably. 

    Try out our demo on your mobile device and see how it looks by clicking here


    This widget increases the aesthetic appeal of your form by adding visually pleasing check-boxes. 

    The widget can be easily and quickly customized to appeal to your product or company branding. 

    To add the widget to your form, please click here


    Present the "Yes / No" Questions on your form as beautiful toggle switches. Based on the Bootstrap Switch Source Code**, the widget is not only pretty, but responds in a smooth animation as the answer is changed.  

    The widget makes your form very easy to use, adopting an age-old toggle switch to accept form answers. 

    To read more and give the widget a spin, please click here


    Vertical space is precious - much like real estate - every square footage must be optimized. 

    This widget adds a clever edition to your form - folding away check-box options in a drop-down field.  

    So if you have a long list of options and very little space - give this widget a try


    Sometimes its important to let your form users know how many responses the form has received. 

    This widget  returns a total of how many times the form has been submitted - allowing you to update your users on the activity of the form. 

    Click here to see how it works. 

    This widget will generate a random code each time the form is opened. 

    It is essential for forms that need to be identified uniquely for each submission. 

    The widget also allows you to define the combination of numbers, symbols and letters to be used in the generated code. 

    Give the widget a try by clicking here


    This widget is used to make sure that the value entered is accurate before the form is submitted. 

    It generates two entry boxes which are used to compare entered values, and should the entries differ, the widget will inform the user to enter the value again. 

    This is a proven method to ensure that the values entered on your form are accurate. 

    To add the widget on your form, please click here


    Spice up your Radio Buttons with this unique Flat Radio Buttons style.

    This widget allows you to customize the button colors as well to match your form design. 

    Give the widget a try here


    This is one of the best aesthetic touches you can add to your form. 

    The Line Check box Widget adds beautifully styled check box options in bold colored linear blocks.


    This stylish design makes all the check-box options clear to your form users.

    Try out the widget and see how you can customize it for your form by clicking here


    Tabs are easily a global standard for multi-page navigation on web pages. 

    This widget harnesses this capability for your form.

    As long as you have more than one page on your form, you can add tabs that will help users know where they are, and allow them to easily skip from page to page. 

    Go ahead and give the demo a spin by clicking here


    This widget can be summed up in four words: fill-in-the-blanks. 

    Its a cool way to present your form as part of a narration.

    It gives your users hints on possible contextual answers, and can be used on evaluation forms, online tests among lots of other uses. Click here to add the widget to your form. 


    That's what we had for you this week, as always, we work hard to create and improve each widget to meet your needs. 

    Most of the improvements we make come from our users, so your feedback is greatly anticipated and appreciated. 

    Stop by our Widget Gallery and see what we have in store for you. 

    See you next week for a new Edition of Widget News! 


    *Third Door Media Mobile Traffic for 2013

    **Bootstrap Switch Source Code