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    Asked on July 16, 2010 at 02:40 PM


    I am going to have a seminar that is in two parts. I need to be able to provide specified registration payment options based on customer criteria.

    Example: Morning Session costs $x, the afternoon sessions costs$y, and all day costs $z.

                   But there is also a discount for additional attendees per group. And some people will send one person in their group all day and others to only one session. The pricing then changes according to total number of attendee and which sessions they attend. => $X+a, $Y+b, $Z+c....$X+(2*a)...$Y+(3*b)...$Z+(5*c), etc.

    if I list all senarios, the paypal list would be over 40 bullets long, and this will no doubt be confusing for people when signing up.

    Is there a way to break up the paypal items into groups within the form and then setup special conditions? That way if someone say selects the "Individual only" from a drop-down list, it will only show them the original three options, but if they select group, it will present a different set of options?

    I don't seem to be having any luck, not even when breaking the form into multiple pages. Can this be done, or atleast have the form redirect them to various different forms based on enter criteria? 

    For intance, if the land on a form that asks single attendee or group; if they select single then they go to a form created for single attendee registrations; if they select group then it takes them to another form where additional criteria is retrieved, and so on, until they get to the approapriate form. Honestly a mult-paypal items option within one form would be best for me.


    I hope this makes sense. Thanks for you help.

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    Answered on July 17, 2010 at 01:46 AM

    It is possible to use Conditions feature to show and hide options on a payment question.

    So, you can basically have a form that has 40 payment options, then have another dropdown or radio button question so that only specific options are shown depending what the user choses.

    Please give Conditions a try and let us know if you get stuck on anything.

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    Answered on July 23, 2010 at 01:31 PM

    It doesn't appear to be working as expected. I have conditions setup with drop-down menus, but the conditions do not appear to be avaiable for the payment options. it only gives me the option to either "show" or "hide" the entire payment option; and the form only allows one 'paypal' payment tool.

    Example 1: 'Attendee Type' = 'Individual' should pull up a list of three possible choices in the 'Registration Selection' field, where 'Registration Selection' is the 'paypal' field; and a price is assigned to each possible choice.

    Attendee Type
    Please select First Name: Last Name: E-mail: Phone Number: Organization Name: Address: Attendee Type Select Session(s) Registration Selecti... Attendee name, if di...
    Please selectFirst Name:Last Name:E-mail:Phone Number:Organization Name:Address:Attendee TypeSelect Session(s)Registration Selecti...Attendee name, if di...
    Equals To
    Please select Equals To Not Equals To Is Empty Is Filled
    Please selectEquals ToNot Equals ToIs EmptyIs Filled
    Individual (1 Attendee Only)
    Please Select Individual (1 Attendee Only) Group (2 or More Attendees)
    Please SelectIndividual (1 Attendee Only)Group (2 or More Attendees)

    If AnyAll of these conditions are matched

    Show Hide
    Registration Selecti...
    Please Select QuickBooks® Semi... First Name: Last Name: E-mail: Phone Number: Organization Name: Address: AdmissionSpace is li... Attendee Type Select Session(s) Registration Selecti... Attendee name, if di... Submit
    Please SelectQuickBooks® Semi...First Name:Last Name:E-mail:Phone Number:Organization Name:Address:AdmissionSpace is li...Attendee TypeSelect Session(s)Registration Selecti...Attendee name, if di...Submit

    The 'Then' part of the condition stops with 'Show' or 'Hide' (an entire field) and I cannot get any more specific, as I cannot break up the 'paypal' tool into more then one item on the form. The current 'paypal' payment tool has all of the possible choices.

    Example 2: 'Attendee Type' = 'Group' shows another drop-down menu where they select the number of people in their group; then depending on what they choose there the 'Registration Selection' field should show only the three choices that coorespond to their group size.

    I hope this makes sense. Is there something I am missing?


    Thanks for you help, I appreciate it.

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    Answered on July 26, 2010 at 07:21 AM

    Sorry, my mistake. It is not possible to show or hide options on the payment options. But it is in our todo list. 

    I don't think it is possible to accomplish this on a single form. You should probably have separate forms for different type of users. 

    You can use Clone Form feature (right click on a form on My Forms page) to create copies of the existing form.