Why can't I create forms to let people sign up for my services?

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    Asked on June 27, 2014 at 06:03 PM

    I created a form to let users sign up for my services at my website. It would email me the info and I would insert it into the website to let the users use my services because my website needs individual pages for each user for them to receive the services, and they can customize what they want on their page so I don't want anyone to go into someone's page and change it. So I want them to be able to sign up, I put the info in the website code so they can log in, and only they know the info to log in so only the people who know how to find that page can access it and use it's services. But when I finished it, it would not allow the form to be submitted and JotForm locked me out of my account saying that I could be stealing people's info for my good. But I can't even benefit from the info that they respond because they only insert their email and their desired account info, and even if it was automated, I(and only I) have access to every page on my site, so it doesn't matter that I know their log in info, because it's the log in info for my website. Therefor if I was stealing the info, it would be pointless because I would only have their email and they could put me in spam if I bother them. Why can't I do this? I My website is a work in progress and I plan it to be a radio like Pandora or Spotify, but first it needs to be set up which I need permission to access my account to do. Please help, thanks.

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    Answered on June 27, 2014 at 06:38 PM


    We expressly do not permit users to collect login data.  We suspend these forms and account 100% of the time, especially when they are the only form contained within the account.  We have a very strong policy against phishing and take every step necessary to prevent it.


    For this we suggest you create your own login page for your website.  I have activated your account but I suggest removing the form or altering it as to not ask for login credentials.  If you do not, the account may be automatically suspended again shortly.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with and we will be happy to help.

    Thank you for using Jotform!