Survey Test Integration Possibilities. Results and/or Certificate sent upon completion

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    Asked on August 22, 2011 at 03:06 PM

    I was wondering if you could have a 30-40 question survey where when they are finished it tracks their answers to our chosen correct answers and they recieve a feedback about which ones they answered correct and which they answered wrong? 


    Also would I be able to integrate a custom Certificate that we have made into a PDF, could their name from the survey be placed on to the PDF and then emailed to them? I know this is a lot of integrating to ask for but just seeing if anyone has done it.

    Any help QUICK would be appreciated as we will be on ShopNBC on WEDNESDAY and need to be ready by then

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    Answered on August 23, 2011 at 07:58 AM


    The answer to your first question is no. The only way to compare user answers to correct answers is by the use of scripts, but scripts are not allowed in Email Alert contents.

    Your second query is not doable. We do not have a feature to allow data insertion to a customoized PDF file.