Will you consider leaving jv2 available longer than one month?

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    Asked on April 15, 2010 at 11:01 PM

    It is really going to impact my projects if I have access to jv2 for only a month. I need until the end of May or mid june.

    From the blog, it is clear that you have many unhappy customers at the moment.

    Quite frankly, you guys botched the v.3 upgrade by not giving ALL of your customers a head's up on the up and coming changes. Getting a feel for the reaction, beta testing the upgrade with some of your customers and then performing the upgrade in a manner which informed your customers in advance.

    Posting the news on a blog your customers may or may not ever look at does not count as a head's up.

    This is all common sense for someone like myself who has worked for Fortune 50 companies and deployed dozens of large projects, from a business perspective.

    I am a fairly new customer who is taking off with my own business, and hope to see jotform.com/Interology stick around.

    Your company is going to need to send out a communication to all its customers addressing the issues and then get a strategy to handle this very quickly.

    I hope your company has some people with some good business experience and is helping you put together your management strategy for this.

    I just took off on my own and used my first jotform for my first paying customer's web site, so this is simply not cool.

    I hate to just complain, so I am going to complain and provide a possible solution. I have 13 years of business marketing and e-commerce, project management experience, so if you need it, I would be happy to exchange professional credentials and help you guys figure this out (create processes, etc.), or help find you someone who can.

    I don't want to assume you have it handled, but this is a real rooky mistake. I feel your pain, going from working with a plethera of people to just myself. Companies like yours make this possible for people like me.

    I hope you guys pull out of this one OK, cause I would like to be a long term customer, as my business develops.

    Best wishes, and please fix this.

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    Answered on April 16, 2010 at 03:29 AM
    Hi Janet,

    Thanks for your suggestions. We have been announcing the new version on our site for the last three weeks and we have also done private beta testing with over 100 users. Some of the most active users have switched to the new version couple of weeks ago.

    I think we messed up with the migration mainly. Our small beta testing did not show us that people have their own setup with emails and even a tiny change on emails can cause problems for many of the users. That's a lesson learned.

    We will keep the version 2 site alive as long as people use it. So, you don't have to worry about it.