Just getting started and need some tech help.

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    Asked on August 23, 2011 at 01:39 PM

    1. We have created a few forms and are testing to see if they work before we mainline the site. For now we have password access only to the site. For the first 8 or so attempts our test submissions were getting to us but recently when we fill out a form and submit, the form does not go to our email. Why? and how can we correct this?

    2. In order to get started and test the forms we created, we have already used 13 of our 100 included submissions. Would you remit those back to us once we get everything working as required?

    3. We note that other form builders have features that we absolutely require such as 200 included submissions/month as part of their basic package. We would like to stay with jotform.com but to get our business going we really need that 200 included submissions/month permitted until the site makes enough money in direct proportion to an increase in submissions at which time we will upgrade to a payed plan.

    Can you extend to us 200 submissions/month as part of your basic plan or is your 100/month submission limit written in stone? As I stated we would rather not leave jotform.com but we have to consider our budget.

    Please email us with your answers to the above at: positranfitness@yahoo.ca

    Thanks so much in advance.


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    Answered on August 23, 2011 at 11:28 PM


    We usually advise our users to keep threads focused on one topic but I'll make an exception for this one and I'll answer each of your questions. In the future though, please open separated threads for unrelated questions. Thanks!

    1.  Two of your forms do not have notification mails configured, that is why you're not receiving e-mails for them. These forms are both named " Clone of Contact us about your fitness concerns". To create notifications for your form please click the link below:

    Receive emails on form submissions

    2.  No we don't do submission resets for test submits. Testing can be done using the Test Email function in the Compose Email screen of your notifications. Your account is going to reset on the end of this month, anyway, so you can test all you want until the end of this month before your submission count refreshes back to zero.

    3.  Sorry but the limits for free accounts have stayed like that for a long time and will stay that way until further notice.

    While our competitor offer a higher submissions limit for a free account, I do not think they provide support as extensive as we do, even for non-paying users.

    You can browse the forums to see for yourself how our excellent support has made a lot of JotForm fans.