Ability to delay Autosenders - Clinchpad API

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    Asked on July 07, 2014 at 05:59 AM

    Hi there,


    I was wondering if it is possible to delay the auto responder emails. We currently have a CRM system which we can attach a unique email address to any outgoing email. This will feed into our CRM if it finds the contact on our system; as long as the email address matches.

    However our CRM works from a Jotform API; which is activated on submission. However the Jotform Autoresponders are sent before the API has time to add the customer to the system.


    I would like to delay the Autoresponder if possible to allow the API to work first.



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    Answered on July 07, 2014 at 08:16 AM


    If you were referring to the form's Autoresponder Email itself, I would like to inform you that it currently is not possible to have a time delay option for it.

    But from what I can understand also in your process, will be possible instead for you to send the Autoresponder Email on your application's end?

    I meant, do not use the JotForm submission Autoresponder Email(because it will always be instant as soon as form is submitted).

    Maybe you can use a mail forwarder instead. Use the form Notification Email as an auto email (via email forward rule) as the autoresponder email. This way, you do not have to use the form's autoresponder email as the confirmation email being sent to form respondent.

    Hope this help in anyway. Contact us anytime should you have further input on this.