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    Asked on July 25, 2014 at 04:47 PM

    I would like to link to a file that I have uploaded to JotForm in an HTML field.

    Normally, I just upload pictures (this time my logo) to a Facebook Page and link from there, however the transparent .png background is coming up white.  I think Facebook changes the properties.

    Here's what it looks like:

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    Answered on July 25, 2014 at 07:58 PM


    If I understand correctly, what you were asking is how you can find the link URL of the file uploaded in your form so that you can add the link into a TEXT(HTML) field.

    (please correct me if this not what the question was about)

    Here are the ways to find out the URL link of the uploaded files in the form.

    1. In the form's submission data you will see the link of the uploaded files.

    2. In the form's Notification Email the upload field will show the URL link of the file/s in the email message.

    3. If you create Report using the form submission data, example the Grid Listing Report -- the upload field content will be the URL of the uploaded file in the form.

    You can only know the URL link to file uploaded in the form after you have uploaded file and submitted the form.

    BUT if the file you want to add link in HTML are all images file type, you can use the trick of uploading the file in JotForm using the image field. And then use the Image Source property of the image field to find out the link of the uploaded image file without even submitting your form yet.


    You can then use the URL link of image field's Image Source into the TEXT HTML field 



    Just to let you know also, the image you mentioned in your fb link does not have transparency -- it really has a white background. I am not sure if FB is the one that removes the transparency or if when you uploaded it, it really does not have transparency.


    If you will use the method I describe how to upload image file into the form, if your image have transparency or transparent background -- uploading it to the form will not removed it transparency.


    Hope this help. Inform us if you need further assistance.







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    Answered on July 25, 2014 at 08:43 PM

    Yeah, I think Facebook modifies the image.  It was definitely a transparent .png when I uploaded it.

    However, your Image Field/Image Source fix worked.

    Thank you!

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    Answered on July 25, 2014 at 09:45 PM

    We are glad that we were able to help you in fixing the issue. Please do not hesitate to get back to us if you need further assistance. We are happy to assist you.

    Thank you for using JotForm.