How to make the Textbox field Masked Input work properly

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    Teresa Farley
    Asked on August 11, 2014 at 04:04 PM

    I have looked for 3 days and cannot solve this.  As I understand, I must use a text field for a number input.  But there does not seem to be any way to make the input show up with commas in the number.  My users will enter up to 9 digit numbers and commas would be most helpful to make sure the numbers are correct.

    I tried the masked input widget and it is bad!  Not only does putting 0 as number of decimals not work, but tabbing to that field and then typing a number causes it to go haywire unless I delete the default $0.00 and then type the number. Way too clunky!

    I can put a hint telling them commas will not show up, but that is not desirable.

    is there any way at all to have the commas show either upon entry or after you tab away from the field?  This is not about validation, it's just about what it looks like upon entry.

    this is temporarily at http:// and the only number entry is in the 6 boxes in the Fiscal Year 2013 Snapshot section.


    thanks for any advice you can give.





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    Answered on August 11, 2014 at 05:12 PM


    I checked the form on your website  but I am not able to see any type of Input Mask or even the Masked Input Widget on the embedded form.



    I am not sure if I have correctly understood the problem you described. Using the Input Mask option of Textbox field does allows it to have proper input masking.


    BUT I did find issue with the Textbox Input Mask property and the Masked Input Widget.

    Please try my test form and describe to us if this is the same problem you were having.

    If the problem is not how I described, please clarify so that I can check on that.

    I am also submitting a bug ticket report to our higher team support so that they can take a look on the issue of the Input Mask option of Textbox field and the Masked Input widget.










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    Answered on August 11, 2014 at 06:19 PM

    This is a lot closer and I was shocked to see the input mask button on your example.  When I highlight what I thought was my textbox field, I do not see input mask as a button at the top.  (I see max size, min value, max value, default value and sub label). 

    Maybe my fields were NOT textboxes??  I made one and then duplicated to get all the rest.  One was wrong so they were all wrong. 

    I added a brand new text box and there it was!!  The input mask!

    So I tried it and it does indeed have a problem like you mentioned.  The mask should allow for anywhere from 1 to 9 characters if you put in ###,###,###.  It works for 9 digits and it does not appear to work for anything less than that.  If it filled right to left, that would be a start, but then any leading, unneeded commas would have to disappear.

    I am so excited to find that input mask button.  Since you have turned in that request to have it looked at, maybe it can be fixed.  This is the only issue I have and I am anxious to know if it can be corrected within the next week.  Is that likely?

    Thanks for your answer and for submitting the mask problem.


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    Answered on August 11, 2014 at 07:05 PM

    Since my colleague has already submitted the issue to next level, you'll be notified through this thread with an update. However, we cannot provide you the ETA at the moment since it has through various stages of development. Let's hope that it'll be fixed soon. 

    Thank you for using JotForm.

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    Answered on September 24, 2014 at 02:40 AM


    Our developers implemented an option to turn on the filled validation for their input mask. Like this:

    As for filling input from the right and removing commas as needed, we haven't received any requests for this. We will consider it in the future though as we evaluate ways to improve the product.

    Please let us know if you're able to view and utilize the new check box option, and let us know if you have any questions.


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    Answered on December 08, 2014 at 05:35 PM

    I would like to 2nd the entering the number from the right.  I have a similar issue that I will post on another thread, but wanted to add my vote to jhawkmomx2's request.

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    Answered on December 08, 2014 at 05:50 PM


    Thanks for upvoting jhawkmomx2 request. Since only one feature request can be added to a thread, let me forward this in a separate thread to our next level support to see if this can be implemented.

    Thank you for using JotForm.

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    Answered on January 06, 2016 at 01:19 PM

    i have found another example to implement masking/unmasking in refer to