Stripe Wizard Problem - Subscriptions with Setup fee - Descriptions Wrong on Credit Card Email

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    Asked on August 14, 2014 at 06:19 PM

    1.  The descriptions come out wrong on customer's credit card emails when using both a setup fee and recurring subscription fee in your wizard Stripe credit card process.     See attachments

    Set-up is a one time transaction; however,  you added "Yearly" to Setup credit transaction description in customers email when the Yearly should have been in the email for the "yearly" subscription transaction description.


    2.  In the wizard,  let me have to separate fields (under line would be my inputs; while items in quotes is your programmers default text going into the emails.   This should not be hard since you already know the difference in each transaction since you are adding the descriptions in quotes

    1> my setup description+" Setup Fee"   & amount 

    2> "Subscription to" + my subscription description & amount

    Then why can you not have that appear as one item with 2 separate lines in form box

    Therefore when customer gets receipt; it then appears like it was on the form.

    Currently it's very miss leading!  This needs to be really fix right away; otherwise, I'm going to look for other companies with credit card form solution.

    If I can help you fix this, I would be happy to work with programmer or someone on your staff.


    Gary Lipps