Widget News! Issue #9 August 15 2014

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    Asked on August 15, 2014 at 06:33 AM

    The Widget Team is excited to showcase the updates we have made this past week. 

    As always, the updates came in no small part from your feedback and reports. 

    This week, we want to talk about Goldfish. 

    Most speakers in a conference, or in any gathering will tell you that presentation is everything. You might have the most factual, ground-breaking information, but if it's not well presented, the message is rarely passed to the listeners. 

    The same applies to your form. 

    Your form users need to experience a presentation that is not only captivating, but clear and well organized. 

    These three aspects are hard to capture sometimes, because  there is often a lot to consider. 

    This is why we provide a lot of tools that: 

    1. Make your form pleasing and attractive

    2. Keep your form organized and unambiguous

    3. Make your form easy to fill out and submit

    More often than not, the question in every form user's subconscious is how soon should it be until they complete and submit the form. 

    According to the  National Center for Biotechnology Information, the U.S. National Library of Medicine, and the Associated Press**, goldfish had a better attention span that humans do by the year 2013; averaging 9 seconds, while we trail at an miserable 8 seconds.  


    Its almost intimidating - isn't it? :-)

    Bottom line, you will have lost your form user's attention within 8 seconds.

    This is why its important to design your form so that it gets to the point sooner, and with a laser focus on what you want your form users to fill out. 

    Our widgets are designed with this in mind, with visually pleasing input, feedback and picking tools that help your form users stay on point, stay focused and attentive - and complete the form sooner. 

    We also have many widgets that help you to embed and display rich content, so that your users' attention is retained until they complete the form to your satisfaction.  

    Its no wonder that our trending widget of the week is the Checklist - lets take a look. :-)


    Widget of the Week

    The simplicity of this widget is an incredible contrast to how popular it has been over this week, with more than 150 users adding it to their forms each day. 

    The Checklist Widget represents a tool we use almost every day of our lives - lists.  Everyone (generally) has done a list at least once in their lives. 

    There is hardly no manner of organized process or thought that does not need a list  - we all need lists - and hence the popularity of the widget. 

    To see why so many users consider it an important part of their forms, go ahead and give the checklist widget a spin


    Featured Widgets this Week:

    The Image Upload Preview widget is an upload field that allows your form users to preview the image they want to send to you. This gives them confidence that they will have submitted the correct image file.

    Its not unusual to have users send you the wrong attachment, especially when there is no way of seeing what they have uploaded through your form: 

    We fixed a few minor bugs, and added the ability to style the widget with Custom CSS.

    Go ahead and give the Image upload Preview widget a spin.   




    Yes, that is exactly what it means. 

    A widget that lists all the states and cities on our planet - We thought we had the complete list until one of our users politely pointed out we missed one  very important city (thank you), and we've since updated it :-)

    No - Seattle Heights is not what we missed. :-)

    Check out All States and Cities and see what it can do for your form.  



    Dual List Box allows you to present a list of options to your form users.

    Your users then move what they have selected from the box on the left to the box on the right:


    This widget is perfect when you have a pretty extensive list, and would like an easy way for your form users to pick out their options. 

    We've updated the widget; now you can specify the dimensions of the boxes to fit your form. Check out the Dual List Box and see it in action! 



    State the intention or purpose of your form with a bold, vibrant header.

    This widget is the ultimate customize-able header, making it really easy to configure the header text, color, shadow and background color. 

    We've fixed some bugs and made some feature updates which make the widget easier to configure - add fit text to your form and see for yourself :-)




    Twitter is one of the most popular text communication platforms there is. Many companies use it to update their users on the latest news.

    Now you can display your twitter stream on your form using this widget, and also interact with your form users through twitter:

    We've made a couple of major updates on the widget's functionality:

    1. You can display a single twitter status

    2. You can also display your entire twitter stream for your form users to scroll through.

    Give the Twitter Widget a spin here and try out the new features.  



    If you have a PDF document that you want to display to your form users, then this is the widget for the Job. 

    The PDF embedder Widget opens a frame on your form and displays your PDF document, allowing your form users to read, skip pages, print, download among other features: 

    We've updated the widget to improve the picture quality of the PDF, allowing it to use browser specific features like printing, downloading, scrolling among  others.

    Check out how it looks through the PDF Embedder page.




     All your Iphone, Ipad and Ipod users will love you for this. 

    This widget allows them to add a shortcut to your form on their home-screen so that they can easily access your form each time they need it: 

    Not only does it make you look cool, it helps your users access your form easily. 

    We've fixed a bug that prevented the popup from appearing - we thank our users for their valuable feedback. 

    Give the Add to Home Screen widget a spin. 




    One of the most common fields on any form is the Date or Time field.

    Dating your form submissions has become a standard, there must be a date or time associated with each submission.

    The Date Time Single Widget generates an easy-to-use pop out which allows your form users to pick the date and time with ease:

    We made a few bug fixes, and added a few date formats to pick from.

    The Date Time Single widget is now primed for a fresh approach to date/time fields.  

     That's all we had to show you this week, and we thank you for your feedback which allows us to make every widget better. 

    Feel free to comment, review and rate our widgets, they are made available free of charge to all our users, so that you can make powerful, accurate and visually pleasing forms that will keep your form user focused on their answers. 

    See you next week! 

     **Attention Span Statistics sourced from Statistics Brain

    Twitter and Giphy are trademarks of their respective owners.


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    Answered on August 15, 2014 at 02:26 PM

    Love the new "Trending Widget of The Week" addition!

    I am actually the author of the checklist widget. I intended it as a way to let users check jobs done in a checklist. But, people are using it instead as a checkbox list. So, it has an interesting story. Anyways, I am glad it is useful.

    Keep up the great job!

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    Answered on August 17, 2014 at 03:48 AM

    I love this but please update your Wordpress Pluggin! Thats all thanks. 
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    Answered on August 29, 2014 at 09:57 AM

    Love the Twitter widget! 
    Very useful for sure.


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    Answered on December 07, 2014 at 04:36 PM

    I can't seem to get the Twitter widget to work for as you describe in #1 : You can display a single twitter status. Am I doing something incorrect? It seems straight forward, I just copy the url of the tweet and paste it in the widget. But all I get is a weird link. It seems to work fine when I use the #2 method and show my Twitter stream, but I'd like to use the single status. Any ideas?