Can I send populated data from Jotform to Worldpay?

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    Asked on August 25, 2014 at 04:43 PM

    I am currently trying to integrate the Worldpay payment.

    It successfully transfers the amount to the Worldpay payment page and the payment process can be completed.

    However on the Worldpay payment page it also asks for Name, Email, Address etc which are all required fields.

    The form I have created asks for this same information. Is it possible to use this information from the form to pre populate the required fields on the Worldpay form.

    I have done something similar with one of you competitors forms (Gravity Forms) and this worked fine.

    The method was to use the redirect to custom url (Worldpay page) and then pass the information via a query string.

    I have included an example of the query string used on that occasion.

    instId=000000&cartId=1234&amount={Hidden Total:99}&Currency=GBP&country=GB&desc=Product+Description&name={First Name:87} {Surname:3}&email={Email:4}&address1={Address:5}&address2={Address 2:6}&town={Town:7}&postcode={Postcode:8}&testMode=0

    I have changed my installation ID to 000000 for obvious reasons

    I am trying to limit the amount of information my customers need to input, asking for name, email, address etc more than once seems to be a long winded approach.

    If this could be done, I would appreciate some guidance on how to achieve it.

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    Answered on August 25, 2014 at 06:06 PM

    So basically you want to send some of your form data to have it populated into your worldpay fields which are already the same?

    Unfortunately, it'snot a guarantee unless Worldpay can be set up to read and accept the parameters used for the data to be populated.

    I will add this to my list of things to do to take a look to see if I am able to work that out as a possibility since right now I am sure and it will take some time to test further. If I am able to do so then i'll come back and let you know about it as soon as I can.

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    Answered on August 25, 2014 at 06:43 PM

    Yes, exactly, you've got it.

    I hope you can find a solution

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    Answered on August 25, 2014 at 09:05 PM


    Have you tried outthis guide? I think this is pretty similar to what you are trying to achieve although you have to constructthe URL parameters within your Worldpay URL.


    Where {amount}is form your Jotform's form fieldvariable.

    Here's how to get your form's field variable.

    And then set the populatedWorldpay URL as your form's custom thank you URL sothe form will redirect toit once submitted.

    If you need further assistance, let us know here.