Is there a way to turn form list items on and off?

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    Asked on September 02, 2014 at 09:07 AM

    Hello there,

    I use JotForm to generate a produce form off which customers can order their choice of farm produce. Not all items are available every week, and there are usually repeats from week to week. At the moment, I have to manually delete entries and then add them in (or vice versa) as items become available or unavailable, and this is very inconvenient as I plan to do this every year (this is the second year). Is there a way to list all items that will be available during the season and then every week turn on items that are available and turn off items that are not available for that particular week?

    Please let me know.



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    Answered on September 02, 2014 at 10:03 AM

    I was searching through our widgets list, but I don't see any function similar to what want to achieve. I found this appointment slot widget and ticket purchase widget and gift registry widget hat has a counter which will be turned off if the slots are 0.

    You can try this and just rename the label to all of your products then put the quantity of each item you have.

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    Answered on September 02, 2014 at 10:11 AM

    You can create multiple appointment slot or ticket purchase widget or gift registry widget and add a calendar date and set a condition that if Date = this Day or week then SHOW or HIDE the widgets, in this case you won't have to remove and add items to your form it will automatically SHOW then HIDE once the condition is met.

    This is the sample condition: