Widget News! Issue #12 September 09, 2014

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    Asked on September 09, 2014 at 08:02 AM

    Hello Folks!

    How was your week? We trust you enjoyed it - made money, and kicked off to a lazy weekend - or fun filled and exciting  ;-)

    Back to making money. 

    Its the single-most shared goal on earth. 

    Everyone (well.. :-/.. most of everyone..) wants to be productive in what they do, earn a little income.

    The basic unit that measures productivity is money - like they say - its a game of numbers...

    Jotform supports a lot of businesses with tools that help them streamline, save on cost, manage and increase their revenue. 

    For most of these businesses, they try and make it as easy as possible for their customers to complete a purchase. 

    One of the ways in which they make it simpler for their customers is the manner with which they present their products - making sure that everything is presented in the simplest and best light possible

    Many businesses simply list their products as check boxes - making it easy for their customers to make a selection and order a product or two. 

    The widget team is making a concerted effort to make sure you have the right tools to increase your sales, manage your orders, and present your products in the simplest way possible. 

    These widgets help your customers to select products, and they also help you calculate and manage orders with ease. 

    Today we'll pick out a few widgets, showing you the improvements we made to help you manage your business or sales form better. 

    But first, lets talk about our featured widget of the week

    Fit Text generates responsive headlines for your form - its no wonder its trending this week. Averaging at 200 uses each day - it is one of our top widgets: 

    A great principle to follow would be to make the intention of your form clear  - usually through a header. 

    The form header helps your form users mentally summarize what they need to do in order to complete your form - putting them in the right mindset to accurately fill out the form. 

    Fit text helps you to easily generate headlines and headers to compliment that principle - helping you produce vibrant headers that will get the requisite attention from your form users: 

    We're still making improvements on the widget - so make sure to check the latest edition of Widget News every week.  

    Add Fit Text  to your form


    Featured Widgets This Week: 

    This nifty widget allows your form users to add an extra text field on your form with a click of a button. Its very useful for forms that require extra comments, or basically allowing the form users to structure their response in a way they feel fit: 

    We made some minor layout changes to keep the text-boxes looking awesome. 

    Check out Dynamic Text box and make your form users happier. 



    This is the ultimate widget that allows you to set a limited amount of time slots for your form users to select. Appointment slots allows you to schedule appointment times, and keeps track of when each slot is used, making it unavailable for other form users: 

    We've made a feature update - now you can determine how many slots each form user can select. Its an awesome feature that allows you to show all available time slots on the same form. 

    You can also change the automated counter text that provides feedback to the form users of how many slots are available. 

    Try out Appointment slots for yourself and bring your scheduling form to life.



    This is the ideal widget that helps you sell your tickets. 

    We've made some updates that increase the various scenarios which this widget can be put to work: 

    1. You can prevent users from selecting more than one ticket type each time they use the form.

    2. You can use conditional logic to price each ticket - here is an example

    3. You can connect the widget with a checkout service supported by Jotform

    All the while, Ticket Purchases will be managing your ticket stock - preventing further sales when your tickets sell out. 

    Check out the incredible new features added to Ticket Purchases



    Managing gifts can be a difficult task - and it might cost you a few gifts - especially when your form users/gift givers do not know how or what to give. 

    A gift registry makes the process very easy: 

    1. List what you need or desire to be given

    2. Add them to the Gift Registry Widget

    3. Add an upper limit that will help you prevent receiving more than you need ;-)

    4. Let your form users decide what they can give based on your list

    Easy and efficient - right?

    Before, the widget would allow the form user to select all the gift categories listed - now you can limit how many gifts can be selected each time your form is used. 

    The widget will keep track of how many gifts you have received, and how many are still expected. Give the gift registry a shot and try out the new update. 



    Multiselect Grid has seen increased usage, becoming a popular way of collecting form answers. 

    It allows you to lay out your form question in a grid that helps your form users select their values using a cross reference. 

    You can lay out values into rows and columns, and allow users select the cell or cells that are cross referenced by the row and column headers - like a calendar, time-sheet, engineering tables and datasheets among many others.


    The new Custom CSS box in the widget settings allows you to color the grid into any style you desire. 

    We've made a small design update to the widget to keep your grid looking awesome -

    Check out Multiselect Grid for yourself. 

    We have lots of other updates coming - so keep checking for the latest :-)

    Visit the Widget Gallery and see what functionality we have that will make your form more productive. 

    We thank all our users who have reported various improvements that we can make on our widgets - your feedback is highly valued and appreciated. 

    Till Next Week! :-)

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    Answered on September 09, 2014 at 11:00 PM

    I love it specially when widgets has custom CSS box! I'm sure more and more users will be using widgets.

    Great work team!

    By the way, nice introduction @Titus! :)

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    Answered on September 16, 2014 at 09:07 AM


    Regarding all the multiselection widgets and apps you are creating, it would be ideal that when exporting the data, the inputs gets located on separated columns to be able to do some business intelligence. Im sure there is a lot of people that don t use them because of this constraint.