Widget News! Issue #13 September 25, 2014

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    Asked on September 25, 2014 at 03:31 AM

    Hello Folks! 

    We got loads of updates this week that will keep you smiling :-)

    Is your form a Super Form? 

    Does it dash into the fray and save thousands of form users with one click? 

    Is it smart enough to know when your form user is in trouble - and needs some assistance? 

    Is it kind and friendly - and represents all that is good in the world? 

    Well - the Widget Team is here to make a superhero out of your form - making it a super form! 

    1. We have widgets that make your form as smart as a whip with automated calculations 

    2. We have widgets that know all the places of the world

    3. We have widgets that enrich your form with worldwide content .... just to name a few....

    Each widget has its own powerful feature - make your Jotform a super form Today!


    Trending Widget of the Week:

    Almost every website out there has Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer or a legal document that helps their visitors to know what they should expect, and what the website or service expects back. 

    Its good to draw the line - because it makes it easier for everyone to get along.

    Your Jotform is most likely a service rendered to your form users, and its important to set your user's expectations by publishing the intentions and limitations of your form.

    The Terms and Conditions Widget  has seen increased usage this past week  - peaking at 200 uses. 

    The Terms and Conditions widget allows you to quickly link to your Terms and Conditions page - while at the same time requiring your form users to acknowledge that they have accepted the privileges and limitations your service has:


    Click here to link your Terms and Conditions to your Jotform.


    Widget Updates this Week: 

    Remember those days when you used to fill out tedious forms and wait for approvals every Friday ... at 4.30Pm? 

    A lot has changed since then. 

    This widget makes approval processes a breeze - adding a digital signature pad to your Jotform:  

    It works nicely with mobile and touch-screen devices -

    The widget is designed to capture minute details that your finger, stylus or mouse makes; capturing an authentic hand-written signature. 

    We've updated the widget with a bug fix for android devices, we also fixed the issue that prevented the widget from working when a form submission was being edited. 

    A lot of our users have approval systems that work with this widget - create one for yourself with a Smooth Signature.



    There are times when a form user needs an extra text box to add some detail or information that has come to mind - and often it might be hard to squeeze in all that information on the text box you have on your form. 

    Bring your text box to life by allowing your form user to dynamically add text boxes to his or her heart's content: 

    We've made a bug fix which prevented you from editing submitted data. 

    Check out  Dynamic Textbox in action! 



    Square Checkbox adds themed, well structured and animated check boxes to your Jotform

    The buttons change states when idle, on mouse hover, and when clicked to give an animated effect, which visually stimulates your form users to select choices with ease - also making your form look pretty good: 

    We've fixed a minor layout bug - and added a custom CSS box so that you can customize how the widget looks to fit your brand. 

    Give Square Checkbox a spin. 



    This smart widget allows to to add a series of drop downs on your form. 

    The drop downs have a parent - child relationship which means that the options available in the preceding drop down box change according to the user's previous choice. 

    We've made some browser compatibility fixes which allow you to use the widget on all browsers. 

    Check out Dynamic Dropdowns in action. 



    Do you have times of the week from which you would like your clients/customers to choose when making an appointment? 

    Then this is the widget you are looking for. 

    Appointment Slots lists times and days that are available for appointments  - allowing you to:

    1. Limit how many times each time slot can be booked

    2. Prevent form users from booking multiple time slots

    We've added the ability to configure a time slot as unlimited - meaning that users can select as many appointments as they want. 

    We've also added a custom CSS box which you can use to customize the layout and design of the widget elements - like font types - colors - background among many other properties. 

    Optimize your booking form today with Appointment Slots.




    This Smart widget shuffles the position of your form questions. 

    Each time your form is opened - the form questions are randomly organized so that it looks unique for each form user (Click on image to enlarge): 

    Demo Form: http://form.jotformpro.com/form/42508573995973

    The widget is perfect for evaluation or survey forms that require a unique perspective from each user. 

    Check out Shuffle in action.



    GPS location grabs the location of your form user by getting the GPS coordinates based on available GPS devices, the browser's last location detected and the IP address. 

    If a GPS device is detected - the widget gets the location coordinates - and if not - it defaults to the next best guess based on the IP address of the form user: 


    Because some locations and regions have a net-wide privacy policy from automated detection - we have added an optional minimap powered by Google Maps** that allows the form user to type in their address - and then drag the marker across the map to the accurate location. 

    Check out the latest features of GPS Location here.



    This is another great edition to digital signatures - allowing your form users to digitally sign your form in acknowledgement of what they are about to submit: 

    We have fixed an edit mode bug when using E-signature on your form. 

    Go ahead and digitize your approval process with E-signature



    This widget has featured a lot in our previous updates - and we are constantly improving it by adding essential features that will supercharge your form. 

    This widget helps you manage your simple online store by keeping an eye on the stock of one item. 

    You can add multiple widgets on your form to manage more than one product. 

    We have added a CSS box to the widget settings - allowing you to style it further and match your product branding. 

    Try out the latest features of the Inventory Widget




    Manage your ticket sales professionally and with ease. 

    This supercharged widget allows you to: 

    1. Add all the ticket categories you have for sale

    2. Limit the total number of tickets per category that are available

    3. Prevent ticket sales when sold out

    4. Optionally prevent  buyers from selecting multiple ticket categories

    4. Connect the Conditional Logic Wizard to Price your tickets

    We've updated the widget to allow limitless sales for a ticket category - as well as a CSS Box which allows you to style the widget to match your theme or brand. 

    Check out these new features for Ticket Purchases here



    Managing gifts can be a full time task - and this widget can help to make the work a lot more easier. 

    With the Quantity Gift Registry, you can:

    1. List all the gifts that would best help the cause or event (like weddings ;- ))

    2. Add an upper limit of how many of each listed item would be preferable

    3. Let your form do the work :-)


    We've added a custom CSS box  - this will allow you to style the widget exactly how you would like it to look. You can also now set an unlimited quantity for certain gifts. 

    Start managing your gifts better with the Quantity Gift Registry widget.



    Square Radio Buttons makes your form look pretty nifty - with square themed radio buttons for your from users. 

    The widget allows you to select a preferable theme, select from a list of fonts and enter a value for the font color. 

    It also comes equipped with a CSS box for further customization: 

    We fixed a minor layout bug - add some awesome looking Square Radio Buttons on your Jotform! 


     Keep a lookout for our latest widget updates - and see what amazing things you can do to supercharge your Jotform!


    We appreciate all the feedback - and continue working on all reported issues to keep widgets rocking and supercharged with the latest features. 

    Till next week :-)

    From the Jotform Widget Team. 

    GPS Location is powered by Google Maps.

    Google Maps is a Copyright of Google Inc. 

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    Answered on September 25, 2014 at 08:13 AM

    I love the new superhero character! :)

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    Answered on September 25, 2014 at 08:25 AM

    I love the Ticket Purchases Widget .

    It has become a complete package -- with Quantity, Inventory, CSS and now with Payment link.


    For those looking for complete solution that involves Ticket, say goodbye to custom solution.

    Try Ticket Purchases Widget now! 


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    Answered on September 25, 2014 at 09:25 AM

    I love the hero character too. When it comes to dynamic textboxes, you can use the Dynamic Textbox widget. The smoothness of the button makes it perfect, and it doesn't look bad whatever theme you use. ;)

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    Answered on September 25, 2014 at 11:13 AM

    Same here @Aytekin, it has caught my attention. Love the costume and that smile is EPIC! :)

    Thank you for listing all the updates made on these widgets @Titus. They are all very useful specially the inject CSS feature.

    Way to go widget team!