Can someone please help? I can't access my clients e mail addresses because of cloud share??

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    Asked on September 17, 2011 at 07:21 AM
    I am totally confused by whats going on?? Jotform was a great service as it was yet all of a sudden things keep going wrong? I have had a hellish morning! To start, I came into the office to find none of my forms were working? It took me 3 hours to change all of the URLS and no one had notified me, I found out through twitter that the site url had changed from .com to .net? And NOW I can't access any of MY clients e mails on their forms as it says they are protected by 'Cloudshare'? I do not understand? All of our work is done via e mail so how do I contact my clients???? This is one of the busiest days for us in a year as it is the start of show season and I can't contact my clientèle? Can someone please tell me how I decode the e mails??? Please?
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    Answered on September 17, 2011 at 10:07 AM

    First of all, let me make a correction if we had an incorrect statement in Twitter. Our junior employee is making the twitter posts so he might have provided incorrect information. The site is not changed from to We had to make changes on DNS which means many users have DNS caches pointing to an old IP address. In fact, if you use JotForm a lot, there is a bigger possibility that your computer/browser/network/router/ISP cached the old IP address. So, what we were suggestion is that in case, you still cannot access, you should use temporarily. Since that was not a commonly used domain, there is a lower chance that will have a cached IP address.

    Our old IP address had to be closed down because of a massive DDoS account and our new IP addresses are protected by a service that is more resillient to such attacks. The email blockage you saw was also because of that. They have a feature to block bots that collect email addresses from web pages. 

    We have now made sure those email blockages will not show up again. Please let me know if the problem continues.

    Thank you for your patience with us.