Form no longer emailing submissions

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    Asked on October 23, 2014 at 01:25 PM

    As of last week it seems the form we are using "Online Submissions Consulation" is no longer sending emails. I realize this a free account but from what I can tell we have no reached out limit. Can you please confirm? We can login and see we are getting submissions but there are no email alerts anymore.

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    Answered on October 23, 2014 at 04:18 PM


    Yes, you are correct, you are far from this months limit.

    Now after looking at the jotform it seems to be properly set and based on the logs, the emails are being sent.

    The logs show these same entries for both emails in your email notifier:

    [2014-10-22 18:43:07] Submission #289826986032753777 Form #42315437335148 SENT
    [2014-10-22 16:23:05] Submission #289818584312539877 Form #42315437335148 SENT
    [2014-10-22 14:31:21] Submission #289811880830810232 Form #42315437335148 SENT
    [2014-10-22 13:59:24] Submission #289809962312427242 Form #42315437335148 SENT
    [2014-10-21 12:45:48] Submission #289719147312806939 Form #42315437335148 SENT
    [2014-10-21 01:59:05] Submission #289680345250148980 Form #42315437335148 SENT
    [2014-10-17 16:05:33] Submission #289385533312941343 Form #42315437335148 SENT
    [2014-10-16 20:27:55] Submission #289314875322343742 Form #42315437335148 SENT

    Now, what I would suggest is to take a look at your spam and trash folder, both of your email client (if you use it) and the webmail account to make sure that the emails did not land there.

    You can take a look at the logs yourself as well: View jotform email history

    I have just sent a test notification as well, please let us know if you get it or not (test only goes to the email associated with your account).

    Best Regards,