Jotform not updating on embeded website

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    Simon Richards
    Asked on September 20, 2011 at 05:30 AM

    Hi - I have been using the secure.jotform forms to create some forms.

    I have saved these and created a secure form. I have then copied the embed code as iWeb and dropped into a webpage. The webpage links to forms which are held on a secure HTTPS server.

    Everything displays OK but when I update the original Jotform it does not translate to the website - ie no updates.

    The forms are as follows:

    The website that they are linked to is: and the secure https server the forms are held on is:

    If you link through the main webpage you will see how these sit.

    Could you please investigate and confirm if I need to do anything else to get these forms to update automatically. Thanks as always.


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    Answered on September 20, 2011 at 06:48 AM

    These are incorrect:

    It should have "https":

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    Answered on September 20, 2011 at 07:47 AM

    What is the URL of the page? I do not see a form on this URL:

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    Simon Richards
    Answered on September 20, 2011 at 08:01 AM

    This is the form link on a book now button on


    The same is happening with the following:

    Just to be clear:


    I am building forms using secure.jotform server and saving. I then tick the secure form box and copy the code for iweb and embed it on a web page held on a secure server of my own. All display OK but not updates are shown. If I just use the simple url link code then all updates are shown but not with the embedded code. Hope this helps. Thanks again

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    Answered on September 20, 2011 at 08:32 AM

    Let me see if I understand you:

    1. So, you are using the full source code iweb? It works, but you don't like that because any changes you requires you to update the form code on the page.

    This page has the full source code in the iweb widget:

    2. When you use the small javascript code provided instead, it does not show up on the page. You would like us to help us with that. 


    If I understand this right, can you do these two:

    1. Create a new page and use small javascript code on it (make sure you have the https version)

    2. Create a new page and use the iframe version. 

    Then let me know exactly what is the problem with them. 

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    Answered on September 20, 2011 at 10:26 AM

    Great - thanks for the explanation. I had thought ( mistakenly) that I should use the iWeb code as I am building webpages in iWeb. I have just changed to the short code which allows updates - think I get it now!

    Thanks for your help and patience - here's to many more forms!!