Cancel all of my accounts including the double billing.

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    Asked on November 03, 2014 at 12:00 PM

    I am tired of going around and around with you and Blue on crediting me with 6 months of doubling billing.

    You know and Blue Snap knows that you double billed me and they charged my credit card for all these months.

    You are not an ethical, honest company.

    Today, I am turning this ordeal over to mu accountant to file notices with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General of your State!

    Please Cancel all accounts for my company and return credit to my credit card or a check for the full amount immediately for the 6-months that you have double billed me.

    Henry O'Pry


    Southeastern Color Lithographers, Inc.

    195 Newton Bridge Road

    Athens, Georgia 30607


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    Answered on November 03, 2014 at 12:42 PM

    Hello Henry,

    Upon checking our records, I found that one of my colleague have already responded to you through our support email on October 20, 2014.  Here is the content of the email:

    Hello Henry

    Please accept our apologies for this situation. 

    The old subscription with the ID 25028830 of the 27th of each month was cancelled on 12th October. This was the subscription with the outdated Credit Card. 

    Unfortunately I can only refund the previous three months, as this is the maximum time given for a duplicate billing to be detected. I refunded the months with the ID:




    Please allow some days for the amount to become available. The remaining amount was used to increase your next payment date. Your next payment will be 27th March 2015. 

    At this moment in the account  secolor you have  a monthly Premium plan active with the subscription ID 27995650.

    As you can see that my colleague have already processed the refund for 3 months. Your next billing date was also increased to March 27, 2014. Do you still want to cancel the subscription you have currently with #27995650? 

    We will wait for your response and then accordingly report it to my superiors.

    Thank you!

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    Answered on November 03, 2014 at 03:12 PM

    Hello Henry

    Threatening is not a good way to keep a relationship with us. You have insulted us saying we are not ethical. This absolutely is not true.

    I gave you a solution in this thread . Since you expressed you wished to keep your account with us, I gave you 3 refunds, plus 4 months of credit , meaning that you would not be charged until 4 months later. . That is more than 6 months credit.

    However, to avoid this friction, we had decided to stop your accounts and give you all refunds. We have also canceled/deleted your account as per your request.