Forms not submitting for certain entrants

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    Asked on September 23, 2011 at 11:51 AM


    We have a form working on Facebook   . Please see!/CHMarine?sk=app_10442206389

    About  33% of our clients have reported there is a problem as they cannot submit the form after filling in the details.. ~We have tested it from our machines and it works fine. Any ideas?

     We also notice their is a security CAPCHA word now  Is this now a standard feature ?


    Please let us now  . Many thanks

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    Answered on September 24, 2011 at 10:34 AM

    Hello chmarine,

    The captcha after a submission of a form only appears when javascript is disabled in the browser used. Is this what's causing the form to not being submitted?  Probably after doing a submission, the captcha appeared and then the form user decided to not press again the submit button.  Pressing the submit button again will complete the submission.

    I was able to make a successful submission using your form, with the javascript disabled on the browser. It just showed the captcha and then I pressed the submit button again.

    If you have other details that you can provide to us for the claims about not being able to submit the form, including the browser used, we'd like to know them.



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    Answered on September 24, 2011 at 11:59 AM

    Hello Liyam

    Thank you for your response.

    I am not sure this is to do with the Java Script . I have made successful entries using  Chrome, Safari and IE9  and they all show the Captcha code which I manage to enter successfully and then submit

    The people reporting the failure state that after entering details and pressing SUBMIT, the system hangs  and they can go no further .  

    We have also noticed  another anomoly in the fact that some of our fields are marked with an Asterick indicating  ' Required Field'  However the feature is not forcing entry .

    Could this be down to the type of code that I have used ?  I wanted to use FACEBOOK Integration on your site using TAB PRESS but I think I am right in saying that TAB PRESS only allows one Tab/Link on your FB Page and I have already used my TAB with a Customer Survey Form . I have used FBML Code . Could this be the problem  ?


    Please let me know and thanks once again for your attention




    Nick Bendon



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    Answered on September 24, 2011 at 03:15 PM

    Hello Nick,

    Thank you for these inputs.

    Perhaps what they meant by system hangs was the continuous loading of the captcha loading image animation?

    The indication that this captcha shows up after submission, and also that the required fields are disregarded is in fact due to the browser's javascript setting disabled.

    What you can do to require users to have their javascript enabled before filling up the information on your form is to add inside your form a Free Text (HTML) field in it and then inserting this code:

    <noscript> For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the <a target="_blank" href="" rel="nofollow noopener" > instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser</a>. </noscript>


    To add a Free Text (HTML) field:

    1.  Go to Setup & Embed tab
    2.  On the left side of the Form Builder, under the Power Tools, double-click or drag the Free Text (HTML) tool into your form

    3.  Click on the free text field you inserted
    4.  Click the HTML button in the toolbar

    5.  Paste the noscript code that I posted above
    6.  Click OK then save your form

    You can also find instructions on how to enable javascript on this website:

    Additionally, here is a link that provides more iframe facebook apps that you can use:

    If you have other questions or concerns, please let us know.

    Warm regards,


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    Answered on September 25, 2011 at 04:40 AM

    Hello again Nick,

    Sorry, I missed the part where you said you have embedded the the form on your facebook page using FBML.  You are right, it is the issue since Facebook no longer supports FBML.  I thought you were already using Tab Press on your form.

    Please use an iframe code inside your form and also, you can use other iframe apps in the link I provided, or better yet, I can just paste the link here:

    Please try it out and let us know if you're still having issues after changing from FBML to an iframe embedded form.

    I apologize for the confusion.




    chmarine's message:

    Hi Liyam.

    Thanks for both e-mails received

    I am puzzled because I have Java Script enabled but I am still seeing Captcha . Also with the same Java Script enabled it is still not forcing entry on the asterick marked fields