Widget News! Issue #14 November 19, 2014

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    Asked on November 19, 2014 at 04:37 AM

    Hey Folks! 

    Its been a few weeks since our last update - and its great to be back :-)

    The holiday season is not too far away;  the poetic gloom of winter for many of us is almost a reality - but remember to keep the fun alive! 


    Cleaning House

    A true and qualitative web application goes through a lifetime of change - and with each step - corrective, preventive and improvement measures are put in place - the development never really stops. 

    New features, code libraries, browser compatibility constraints and layout improvements are constantly being created, and Jotform Widgets are no exception. 

    It's been a very busy four weeks - and its a lot of fun working with a highly collaborative team  :-) 

    The widget team has been working tirelessly to improve, fix and optimize widgets for the best possible experience for our users. 

    Each member in our Team is a Rock Star, and we all complement each other with specific roles:  

    1. A designer - who makes sure all widgets look awesome! 

    2. A team manager - keeps the improvement workflow going - tests and reviews all fixes and feature updates before publication.

    3. Developers - Who are a vital part of the team - coding away and making things happen.

    We managed to test and check all 377 of our live widgets, and noticed quite a bit that needs improving -  its certainly time to clean house. :-) 

    All of our current updates henceforth meet the following criteria:

    1. Designed to work seamlessly with the form builder settings (mostly width, height and font type) 

    2. Works in Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11, the latest update of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari

    3. Tested with form page breaks **

    4. Well formatted submission output, and accessible in Submission Edit Mode

    5. Minified code for faster loading

    6. A well designed widget layout by our resident designer

    Thinking Big

    It's important to prepare infrastructure for future change - improving scalability and robustness. 

    Having said that, we've recently been planning about three major improvements to our widget server (This is where widgets code and files are stored and served from):

    1. Improve interaction with form page breaks**

    2. Improve widget setting delivery (comes from reported issues with 502 - Bad Gateway Errors - caused by widgets that have user settings exceeding 2000 characters - like a very long list of options for drop-down, checklist or checkbox widgets)

    3. Improve interaction with forms and conditional logic rules

    The first release**, which targeted widget interaction with page breaks,  was successfully completed a few weeks back, and thanks to brilliant coding and vigorous testing, the update was published with no fall-backs and no major issues.

    The second release is underway, and currently under vigorous testing before a release date is set. Looks really good so far. Coffee Helps :-)

    We Don't Stop There

    We've received hundreds of improvement and feature requests from our users - which help a great deal in identifying issues we need to work on - and sometimes right away. 

    Since we are interested in improving widgets that solve a real life problem for you, we keep working, improving on features and fixing bugs (which despite our best laid plans - are inevitable)

    So keep a lookout for the latest edition of Widget News!  for the latest updates. 


    Widget of the Week:

    So far the widget has been used 7,416 times, and it seems a favorite in collecting voice recordings on Jotforms. 

    We have recently updated the Voice Recorder  - preventing form submission while the widget is uploading the sound recording, fixed a couple of layout issues and made the widget compatible with all major browsers: 

    The Voice Recorder widget helps you collect voice clip recordings using your computer microphone - super charging your form to help you collect daily voice logs, voice interviews, voice surveys among many others. 

    Test out the voice recorder widget and see it in action. 



    It may seem like a small thing - but it's invaluable if you saving your user's time in filling your form. 

    Select All automatically generates check-boxes on your form, and allows your users to select all the options with a single click: 

    We've fixed the widget to populate the submitted results in form Edit Mode, and fixed layout issues in Internet Explorer 8.

    Click to see how the Select All Widget saves your users time. 



    A key part of your form is an enticing header that draws your user's attention to the subject matter of the form, setting the stage for a qualitative and accurate response from your form users. 

    Fit Text is a light weight header and headline widget that helps you generate styled text that will automatically re-size to your form width.

    We have improved the widget's ability to automatically re-size to your form width, to make it dynamically responsive, you have to do is set the Fit Text widget iframe width as dynamic using custom CSS - we can help you generate the CSS rule for your widget, which is unique to every form. 

    Check out Fit Text in action! 



     A very effective way of displaying your services or products is through an image carousel - and this widget helps you achieve this with a few clicks. 

    The Image slider now comes with a brand new look -along with smooth transitions and time control: 

    The Image Slider is now primed to showcase the best of what you can offer - check it out. 



    The Configurable List widget packs a lot of features - allowing you to add a dynamic list with different field types like drop-downs, check-boxes, date fields, time fields and more

    The widget creates buttons with which you can add and remove complete rows on your list: 

    We received a good number of reports that the Configurable List widget was not working with multi-page forms; we have since fixed this with a major update. There are still quite a few updates queued up for this widget, so keep checking. :-)

    Learn more about the configurable list widget



    The DDslick Dropdown widget takes drop-downs to a whole new level by using images to illustrate each of the options listed in the drop-down:

     We've fixed the widget's interaction with form page breaks, as well as some layout and functionality issues with IE 8. 

    Check out ddslick dropdown's new updates here.


    This is perfect for keeping track of a list of items that need to be collected, given, sent or received. 

    The Gift Registry widget allows you to set a total quantity available on a list of items, and with each form submission, the quantity of an item selected gets reduced until the item runs out: 

    We've fixed some functionality issues with Internet Explorer - and made some layout updates as well - presenting the latest version of the Gift Registry Widget :-)



    The Labelless widget adopts a modern - minimalist approach to designing form fields. 

    It places the field label inside the input box, and when you begin typing, the label moves out of the way and disappears when you begin typing - pretty cool, huh? 

    With the latest update, the widget will adopt the font setting you have on your form, as well as the ability to set the form width and height. 

    We've also fixed the Internet Explorer compatibility issues so you can use the widget confidently with all major browsers. 

    See the Labelless Widget in Action!


     The Driving Distance Widget uses Google Map® 's comprehensive distance approximation API to calculate the next best distance between two places: 

    The widget has been updated with a brand new layout, together with a way to preset the Originating Location. 

    The destination is connected to Google Map®'s  location auto-complete API, helping your visitors along as they begin entering their destination information. 

    You can also use Driving Distance with the Calculation Widget, which will grab the approximate distance and use it to complete other calculations. 

    Give the Driving Distance Widget a spin! 

    We will be announcing the latest updates as often as possible - showcasing solid designs, powerful tools with productive functionality that will optimize your form with the latest features. 

    Turn your form into a Super form with Jotform Widgets!

    As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated - keep them coming

    The WidgeMan says Hi ;-)

    Till Next Time :-)

    Google Maps®  is a Copyright of Google Inc

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    Answered on November 23, 2014 at 04:59 AM

    The usage numbers on widgets are staggering. Keep up the great work widgets team! 

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    Answered on November 25, 2014 at 07:13 AM

    Thanks for the updates!

    I like the new look of the config list widget.

    All demo forms are well designed!

    Great work! :)

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    Answered on November 25, 2014 at 11:09 AM

    I'm impressed at how you've taken something that would otherwise be very complex and have simplified it so even I can use it.  Great work!