Can I have multiple unit costs on one field dependent on quantity of product selcted?

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    Asked on November 26, 2014 at 05:08 AM



    I was wondering if the following were possible?

    The Scenario:

    My user is looking to have a book made and have a choice between a paperback and hardback book. For example purposes I'll use only two options to select.

    - They select hardback book The total cost of this field will be dependent on how many hardback books they choose 

    They select 5 books

    Quantity Hardback Books (I don't want these options visible though.. this makes up the total calculation at the end) 

     1 - 10 (unit cost is 50 per book) They fall into this band

    10 - 20 (unit cost is 40 per book)

    30 - 40 (unit cost is 30 per book)

    40 - 50 (unit cost is 20 per book)

    So hardback field is = 50


    They then select size A4 number of pages 700

    Page Count


     1 - 500 (unit cost for page count  0.5 )

    501 - 2000 (unit cost for page count 0.4 ) They fall into this band

    2001 - 5000 (unit cost for page count  0.3)

    5001 - 10000 (unit cost for page count  0.2)

    So the calculation of this field is equal to number of pages (700) x Quantity of books (5) x unit cost (0.4) = 1400


    When they press calculate at the end of the form the total would be equal to

    HardbackBook Field (50)  + Page Count Field (1400) = 1450







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    Answered on November 26, 2014 at 09:57 AM

    Hi mjgroup,

    Yes you can achieve this by using the "update form field" condition and adding your calculation to be added to a hidden field that would later be added together to show the total in your calculation field.

    I did the conditions for the Hardcover and A4 options and the calculation provided.

    Please see a sample form here: 

    The fields are not hidden so you can see how they would work. If this what you are looking for, you can clone the form and make your desired changes.

    I hope this is what you are looking for, please inform us if you need further assistance.