How to make the column headers in the same color?

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    Asked on December 02, 2014 at 10:09 AM


    In  my form 

    as shown in the image i need to put colurs to diffrentiate the columns in the table , but the colour for the column header as i have injected css not worked,

    Please suggest nice colour to add for this table


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    Answered on December 02, 2014 at 11:30 AM


    If I am correct, you referring this column header (screenshot below)? if so, please inject these CSS codes to your Form Styles.


    #cid_29 .form-matrix-table .form-matrix-column_7,
    #cid_29 .form-matrix-table .form-matrix-column_8,
    #cid_29 .form-matrix-table .form-matrix-column_9,
    #cid_29 .form-matrix-table .form-matrix-column_10,
    #cid_29 .form-matrix-table .form-matrix-column_11,
    #cid_29 .form-matrix-table .form-matrix-column_12,
    #cid_29 .form-matrix-table .form-matrix-column_13,
    #cid_29 .form-matrix-table .form-matrix-column_14 {
        background-color: #dddddd !important;



    Hope this help!

    And get back to us if your have any questions.