Staff Time Off Request Form - Confirmation Email to Requestor of Approval

  • Waschewski
    Answered on January 03, 2023 03:07 PM

    I have set up a Staff Time Off Request Form and set up an approval workflow so that the Lead Pastor approves it, then I (as HR) get an email showing it was approved so that I can add it to their file. Is there a way to make it so the original requestor also gets an email showing that it was approved so they have confirmation?

    Thanks so much!

  • Lorenz JotForm Support
    Answered on January 03, 2023 10:09 PM

    Hello Stacie,

    Thanks for reaching out to Jotform Support. Yes, that is definitely possible. You simply need to add another email notification template in the Approval flow, and set it up just below the email element for the HR. Check out my screenshot below:

    1672801738 63b4edcaad002  Screenshot 0

    Reach out to us again if you need any more help.