Widget News! Issue #15 December 24, 2014

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    Asked on December 23, 2014 at 10:47 PM

    Hello Folks! 

    Tis the season for cheer, family, and fun... and that's as far as my poetic flux goes

    The widget gallery is your go-to place for Jotform awesomeness - supercharging your form with small applications that help your form users complete your form faster, more accurately, and makes them enjoy every minute!

    The widget team has lots of updates this season, with innovative system updates, and lots of new features implemented through your requests. 

    Over the last four weeks, we have been busy fixing quite a number of bugs - and putting widgets through the wringer; ensuring that each meets compatibility and functionality benchmarks - some of those updates are listed in this bulletin, while others will come in our first 2015 edition. 

    WidgeMan is Coming to Town - and He's Got Presents!

    Our greatest achievements in November and December was what was promised in our last announcement

    1. We have fixed the system-wide bug that gave a poor interaction between form Conditional Logic and widgets. 

    2. We have completed the final tests to the widget core update that saw widgets take on larger configuration sizes - the best way to demonstrate this achievement is this Multiple Selection drop-down widget with over 5,000 options:

    Our Updates were tested with all popular browsers - including all versions of Internet Explorer as far back as Internet Explorer 8.

    The following popular widgets are supported by this update: 

    1. Multiple Selection

    2. Dynamic Dropdowns

    3. Image Slider *** Tested with 400 images!

    4. Checklist

    5. Image Picker *** Tested with 400 Images!

    Just to name a few.. :-)


    Now our widget platform is powerful - and optimized for future scaling and feature integration. 

    A Word to the Wise:

    Our widgets are configured using text - a list of links, options, paragraphs, comma separated text, Custom Css text etc. 

    Each letter, number, symbol or space you type in is counted as a character.

    Each character is encoded by the widget and sent to the widget server so that the widget displays the options and settings you have configured - exactly how you would like it to look. 

    So the ability to configure a widget with an unlimited character count is very impressive (Kudos to our brilliant Developers - no rest for the weary soul ;-) )

    While update #2 means that you can add an infinite character count to your widget settings, browsers like Internet Explorer 8 may not be able to handle more than 20, 000 characters - but even that upper limit is quite impressive on such an old browser (8+ years old)! 

    A large configuration size is a great thing - but performance and features are often inversely related - the more options and functionality you add to your widget, your form performance might take a hit.

    Though performance issues are often negligible, its worth it in the end; considering the features and services you can deliver through your form - supercharged by Jotform Widgets


    Our Featured Widget of the Week:

    The Smooth Signature Widget is fast becoming an essential add-in to most formal forms - allowing form owners to confirm the validity of form results with a hand-drawn signature: 

    Its the 14th most used widget in Jotform, and it looks great on Mobile - which means you can create your own verification and submission app for your company with smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers: 

    We have optimized the smooth signature widget for browser compatibility, so you can get the same fluid feel you get when you use a pen on paper.  



     Appointment slots makes scheduling time slots a breeze - allowing you to limit each available appointment by the number of bookings. It is a simple, intuitive method, to book time slots for basically any situation: 

    The widget was affected the the 502 error - which is related to the configuration size. It is one of the widgets that benefit from the configuration size update - meaning you can add an infinite number of slots (within reason, of course ) for selection. 

    We've also made some compatibility fixes with Internet Explorer. Give Appointment Slots a spin and see it action! 



     Voice recorder is a popular choice for collecting voice recordings through your form. 

    The widget accesses the form user computer's microphone, and records the user's voice, and submits the uploaded sound clip in the form submission: 

    We have updated the Voice Recorder Widget to limit the recording length - and corrected logic and validation errors: 

    Click here to see it in action! 



    A beautiful way to display your form options. 

    Visual Multiselect creates two boxes - allowing your form users to move the option they want from the box on the left to the one of the right: 

     Visual Multiselect comes in a set of beautiful themes to match your form design, and create a vivid contrast for your list of options: 

    See the Visual Multiselect Widget in Action!



    This is a proven way to build your user's confidence in your services by displaying testimonials from previous users or customers. 

    The Testimonials Widget makes presenting your testimonials a breeze: 

    All you need is an image, a title and the quoted text to configure and presto!  You can configure it to scroll through all the testimonials you have listed. 

    This widget is supported by the latest core update, so you can add as many testimonials as possible. 

    We've fixed some layout compatibility issues and a couple of bugs with resizing and resource loading. 

    Check out the Testimonials Widget in action



    Almost all web services are governed by terms and conditions - which are a clear-cut way of letting your users and customers know what are the limits of your service, interaction, warranties and disclaimers. 

    The Terms and Conditions widget allows you to quickly link your form to your terms and conditions, terms of service, privacy policy and disclaimer pages by adding a clickable link and checkbox on the form: 

    The Terms and Conditions widget is now compatible with Internet Explorer 8+, with the ability to control the font through the form builder among other minor bug fixes. 

    See the Terms and Conditions Widget in Action!



    This is the perfect widget for delivering evaluation in a paragraph where answers are required as fill-in-the-blanks. 

    The Passage Test widget allows you to create blank spaces in a sentence, and you can encode the answer so your can tell whether the user passed or failed: 

    We fixed a resize bug, and integrated the widget with form settings - matching the form's font settings seamlessly.

    Check out what you can do with the Passage Test Widget! 



    The image slider remains our most popular widget to date - which means that our users like it a lot. 

    It allows you to list image URL's of images that will be used in a header carousel. 

    We gave it a face-lift a few months ago, throwing in a few automation and control features in its settings: 

    We fixed a minor layout bug - just being fussy :-)

    Checkout the Image Slider here!



    Very many feature requests have been submitted for this widget - that's because its the most flexible widget we've ever made. 

    While we can't promise to implement all the requested features - we'll scale in some of the features without bloating the widget code - which is a recipe for very complicated bugs - but stay tuned - because there are some more updates to come. 

    Configurable List  basically allows you create a dynamic list with various form field types: 

     Configurable List now supports the following form field types (exact configuration as shown):

    1. Drop down : dropdown : one, two, three : Hint Text

    2. Calendar : date : m/d/y : 2000-2015

    3. Check Box : checkbox : one, two , three

    4. Radio Buttons: radio : one, two, three

    5. Text Area : textarea : Hint Text

    6. Number: number

    7 .Static Text : static : Some static text

    8. Text Box : text : Hint Text

    9 .Time : time : 12

    We added hint text configuration for text boxes, text areas and the drop-down field. 

    We also added radio buttons and checkboxes. 

    The widget requires a slight learning curve - so we prepared a quick guide. 

    Give the Configurable List a spin here



    We're excited about the latest update on Button Radios

    This widget visually disambiguates your form options by generating large buttons for each of your listed options.

    Button radios allows you to select only one option - while its counterpart, the Button Checkboxes widget (which is currently under an improvement process) allows you to select multiple options: 

    We've fixed all browser compatibility issues up-to Internet Explorer 8+, and all major browsers. 

    We've also added the following popularly requested features: 

    1. Vertical arrangement 

    2. Button width

    3. Font control through the form builder

    We've also optimized loading times by minifying and gruntifying code.  

    It took a very long iterative process to complete the widget satisfactorily - so finally here it is: Button Radios.  



    Its the simple things that reflect true beauty and pure functionality. 

    The simplicity of the Bootstrap Switch Field is what makes it popular.

    Its as simple as a light switch: 

    We've fixed some Internet Explorer 8 layout issues. 

    Go ahead and see how the Bootstrap Switch Field works


    The Widget Team has had a great year - fixing and adding features to our Widget Gallery, designed specifically to supercharge your form:

     -  adding a touch of sophistication and solid functionality to forms

     -  helping you collect accurate data - better - faster

    Truth is, we could have never done it without you - your feedback, feature requests and comments are taken into consideration in the numerous decisions the widget team makes. 

    So here's to you!  

    On behalf of the Widget Team -  Happy Holidays -  Thanks for making 2014 a great year! 

    WidgeMan is off to distribute some presents. He can fly, you know. 

    Till Next Time :-)