How to deactivate or disable the Form Designer tool

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    Asked on December 31, 2014 at 04:27 AM

    It is frustrating.

    Every time I try to edit a form (after a lot of work to do it) the new designer feature make unwilling modifications & unwilling css code injections in the form and make them a totally mess.

    I have wasted lot of time to try to make a simple modification in the color of the bottom of a form I have made. I feel as I cant use my form anymore.

    I JUST WANT TO USE THE OLD JOTFORM VERSION and make modification in the form as I used to do. Just this.

    How can I deactivate this useless designer function? I need to use all my current form without this stupid new feature crash the form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Answered on December 31, 2014 at 09:30 AM


    Sorry for the inconvenience. I understand your frustration about the feature. If you need help about Form Designer, or if you're having issues with it. We are help to help, please don't hesitate to ask.

    Unfortunately, you cannot disable or deactivate the Form Designer feature. It is already part of the WYSIWYG form editor here in JotForm. However, you can use the Form Revision to revert back to the old version of your form.

    Hope this helps. Thank you for understanding.

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    Answered on March 03, 2016 at 04:14 PM

    I have the same problem. Why makes the Form Designer my form useless? It is not possible to work with it. Timewaster. I have a very komplex form with 80 fieldsformatted. The Designer Feature makes my complete form useless by one click. Why?
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    Answered on March 03, 2016 at 05:37 PM

    @Luxicom, in order to assist you better and not create unnecessary email notifications for other people from this thread, your questions has been moved to a thread of its own:

    We will be supporting you with it there, shortly. Thank you.