confusion about which options to select to make form responsive across browsers

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    Asked on January 11, 2015 at 10:58 AM

    Hi there.  While having some difficulty making one form responsive (which is dealt with in another question, so I'm now trying to keep my questions separate as instructed), I'm now noticing new stuff in the form tools, and wondering what those tools accomplish and when to click them, especially as selecting the yes option on both "make responsive" options seems to have completely broken that particular form.


    (So I guess I'm saying my initial inclination would have been to click anything and everything labeled "make form responsive" because obviously I do want my forms to be responsive, but that's not working well for my form, and I don't understand why.)


    (I guess I also was kinda sorta under the impression based on yet another question that the forms are supposed to be responsive . . . anyway?  Natively?  Like they were all supposed to be responsive by default?  So that's adding to my confusion about what these boxes are for and when or even if to affirm them.)


    Inside the "regular" (older, there before) form builder, under Preferences, there is an option, "Responsive Form" options yes/no.  It would seem that affirming that box resizes my form's text boxes and dropdowns to the width of the browser.  That seems to be a good thing.  Does it do anything else that I have not been able to notice?  When would anyone actually want to say no to that?


    And then inside the newer Form Designer, for the same form, you can also go in there, click Form Layout, and then there's yet another box called Form Options, which features a clickable option, "Make this form responsive."


    (and then when I clicked both, my form broke, but again, that's under another ?, but it does explain WHY I'm asking this one)


    So, it would seem the boxes MIGHT actually be doing different things.  But I don't understand exactly what or why there are 2 different places to check this, and when one might select Responsive in one area, both areas . . . or possibly neither area.  And then exactly what is supposed to happen next with any of those options.  It is especially confusing that there seem to be 4 options now, doing different things:

    - say yes to responsive inside the form builder, do not check inside the designer

    - say yes to responsive by checking responsive inside the designer, do not say yes inside the builder

    - say yes in both places

    - say yes in neither


    So very confused. Please explain.  :)



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    Answered on January 11, 2015 at 01:35 PM

    Hi robinowsley,

    Thank you for contacting us. To confirm, you would like to know the difference in the functionalism of the different "Make Responsive" options that you see within the Form Builder and Designer.

    The default function, is the same as the "Make Responsive" option within Form builder. This allows the basic features of your form to be responsive when being viewed from a mobile device. Some persons may not intend to have the form be viewed from a mobile device or they may not be embedding the form to a website that is mobile responsive, as such, they would choose to not have the form have the functionality included.

    The mobile responsive option within the form designer, takes into account all the design changes that have been made to the form. This option being selected, helps to prevent the form from breaking due to certain designs when it is being viewed from a mobile device.

    Having both option selected can cause the form the break when viewed from certain devices, for exampled it would be broken on a desktop but show properly when viewed from a mobile device.

    Selecting neither would mean that your form will not be mobile responsive, it will be seen the same whether being viewed from a mobile device or a desktop.

    I hope this explanation helps, please inform us if you need further assistance.