Looking for company to build an online questionnaire for us

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    Asked on January 12, 2015 at 11:17 AM

    We are looking for a vendor who could build an online questionnaire for us. Currently our clients fill out an excel file that is quite lengthy. We are hoping to have this initial built for us, and then we could maintain it moving forward. Some things were looking for are:

    ·         Videos

    ·         Mandatory fields

    ·         Completion tracker

    ·         Alerts

    ·         Help guides

    ·         Ability to support a sales view of in progress and completed requests.   (Along with the security to view at an admin or sales rep level)

    ·         Conditional fields/sections.


    Ability to integrate status, data, and resulting form with a Clarizen or a Microsoft CRM.

    ·         Ability to return to an in progress questionnaire and jump to a specific place.   (Like turbo tax).

    ·         Relatively easy to add new fields/sections.

    ·         Ability to handle multiples of a particular section allowing a copy/add.  (Necessary for payroll policies)

    ·         Videos OR some other enhanced support technique…like in Web Benefits.

    ·         Print options


    ·         Email options

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    Answered on January 12, 2015 at 01:09 PM

    Hi Tim,

    I do apologize, but I am not sure if I got all of the parts of the list, but will try to reply on as many points as I can.

    1. You can add videos to your jotform using our video widgets.

    2. You can make fields as required

    3. By competition tracker I presume that you want to track the time it took someone to complete the jotform. You can do that with another widget of ours:

    Fancy Timer


    Time tracker

    4. What do you mean by alerts?  - You can set email notifications and autoresponders to be sent over our system to alert you when someone made a submission if that is what you meant.

    5. We have help guides that can assist you in creating the jotforms and working on them.

    7. You can set up any conditions that you need on your jotforms.

    8. We currently do not support integration to Microsoft CRM so I have moved this to a new thread where we could raise this to our developers as a feature request. You can find it here: http://www.jotform.com/answers/494548

    9. We would need more details on this and a jotform where we would be able to see what exactly you would like to accomplish.

    10. With our JotForm Builder and Form Designer it only takes a drag and drop to add and modify any field, tool or widget on your jotform.

    13. You can set all jotforms to allow printing of the entered data as shown here: Print Button on Forms

    14. There are various email options available, depending on your needs. Once we know more, we can help you with specific ones.

    6., 11. and  12. These points seem as if you are after a custom solution, not a form. If you are looking for a specific type of form, we might need to know more details in order to know what you are after.

    I would also like to mention that as we can provide assistance with only one issue per thread I would like to ask you to open a thread for each specific issue or a question that you might have and we would be happy to reply them.

    In regards to your question about building the jotform. We do not offer such services at this time, but as our Form Builder is very easy to use, I do not think that you will have any issues setting it up. We are here of course to help you out along the way as well :)

    I would also like to suggest taking a look at our Form templates and Theme Store to help you create a beautiful jotform.

    Best Regards,