Checkbox Option to send products into separate spreadsheet columns

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    Asked on February 03, 2015 at 01:06 AM


    I have been trying to adapt my form for easier integration in to a database, downloading excel spread sheet works very well however my problem is ensuring easy association of data into relevant fields.

    I have several "products or services" I offer clients and want their request for further information (by completion of the form) for each service to be split into a separate field.

    I have tried using check box and radio buttons as well as the checklist widget, all of which supply all of the "checked options" in one excel field when I download it. Whilst I know I could split the excel field "text to columns" I would much prefer each option to be in a separate field.

    The closest I can get to what I want is by using a separate "check box" for each option so a client could just check the box if they want information on this service; this ensures a separate field in excel for each service, the problem with this is that I only want "one option" (they check it if they want it) - so the responder filling out the form only has to "check" the box if they want information for that service, however unless I enter a "value" for the option (formally option 1) it automatically "checks" the box, what I want is for the box to be empty unless the client checks it without the need for an option description. This will ensure that when I download the excel file I can directly import this into access yes/no fields.  - is their a code I could inject?

    (Please note I am currently using drop down fields for each option in my form - this also ensure separate field for each option but I feel is a bit tedious for a client to complete.

    Many thanks for your help,




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    Answered on February 03, 2015 at 10:44 AM

    I believe I understand that you wish to have an option to enable the ability to separate products on the fly if a single checkbox is selected.

    Unfortunately though, as of right now that not possible that I know of yet. The only way is to manually separate the content within your excel spreadsheet itself to construct that workflow. 

    I have forwarded your request for a single checkbox option to our development team as a feature request for consideration on your behalf. Please note that we do not provide timeframes for these sort o things but if it is added then we will notify you here.

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    Answered on February 03, 2015 at 10:53 AM

    Additionally, I'm not sure if you'd be interested or not but I would also like to point out that it is possible to separate the Payment Details in your Email Notification which you might find useful.