how to make Submissions & Upload space unlimite ?

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    Asked on October 15, 2011 at 10:59 AM


    i want to know if i could make the submissions and upload space unlimited .

    like upload more than 100mb with out paying money or something

    so is there anyway or will you ever make it that easy to us ?

    cause it will be great


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    Answered on October 15, 2011 at 11:53 AM

    There is a cost that we have to cover for the server maintenance which is why we have to  put limits to subscriptions. Even the highest level of paid subscription is also limited to a certain number of submission and upload space.

    As a work around you can make use of the Dropbox Integration the uploaded files can be saved in your dropbox account instead.

    However for the submissions the 100 limit is fixed per month the counter resets every first day of the next month. You may have to delete the submissions from time to time to free up the upload space since a copy of the uploaded data is also kept on the server.

    Thanks for using JotForm.