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    Asked on February 15, 2015 at 04:11 AM
    Dear Ashwin, I was afraid that what I wrote might not clearly represent what I propose. It is quite a simple concept really, the site wants to provide niche healthcare by way of a questionnaire whereby on the first page of the survey there are four sections, all with many check-boxes(each representing a health problem) of which the respondent picks one or several from a section. I have set that up with check-boxes so that they have the ability to select multiple options and its possible that they might do that in all four sections.This is the first database I referred to in my e mail.
    Connected to that first database is a list of options that will treat the particular problem that the patient has, such that if the patient selected asthma (what I called A in that first e mail) it would automatically connect to the appropriate pharmaceutical treatment options for asthma(4,5,6 in that first e mail). This could happen a number of times in the one survey (B in the first e mail) which would generate a second set of appropriate pharmaceutical options (6,7,8 in the first e mail).Lastly, I would like to have the total list of options collected and sent to me via e mail.
    So what I have done is to open a new form and on the opening page I have made four different sections each with numerous check-boxes  and  each of these different check-boxes represents a different health problem. Then I have selected a particular health problem and through show properties in the calculation value field I have listed three pharmaceutical treatment options for that problem. I have tried to connect this information  through the calculation widget  to a third page/database such that it will collect all the pharmaceutical options selected due to various health problems the patient is facing. I ultimately want that list to be e mailed to me.

    Hopefully you understand the dilemma a little better, hope to hear back soon,Nick.

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    Answered on February 15, 2015 at 06:10 AM

    Hi Nick,

    If I understand you completely, you just want to list down the treatment instead of the health problem?

    So for example, from the first field which is "Alpha". You have the first option which is the "mental blocks" which equivalents to "aqua aura, obsidian,  apophyllite" in the calculation values section.

    You want to receive just the "aqua aura, obsidian,  apophyllite " instead of the "mental blocks". Is this correct?

    Right now, I have cloned your form and modified the calculation widget to input the values:

    I hope I understand it completely. If not, kindly explain further. Maybe, put it in detail what should be made first and what's next.