I injected custom css code but my form is not transparent.

  • benbftg
    Answered on February 16, 2015 08:33 AM

    I tried iframe and it didn't work. I'm using adobe muse. The transparent back ground also didn't work. I had cloned a form that your tech support had changed the background color in the css script. I double checked the clone in a text editor and the background color shows .supernova body {

    background-color: transparent;


    Then I saved the form and went into iframe. It wasn't transparent and the form itself could not be edited in height on the html

  • Ashwin JotForm Support
    Answered on February 16, 2015 09:54 AM

    Hello benbftg,

    When you say it didn't work, do you mean to say that form is not being displayed or the background color was not transparent?

    Please share the web page URL where you have embedded you form and we will take a look.  

    You may also like to take a look at the following guide on how to embed forms in Adobe Muse:  http://www.jotform.com/help/99-Adding-Form-to-Adobe-Muse 

    We will wait for your response.

    Thank you!