Embed a Form Created in Word Processor to Wix.com

  • Crystal
    Answered on February 17, 2015 08:47 AM

    I've created a form in word that I need to have linked the form to Wix website so a person can print the page. I don't want a "fill in form" and I'd like to just copy this form with our logo for printing. Can this be done?

  • Charlie
    Answered on February 17, 2015 10:08 AM


    I'm not sure if that is related to JotForm. You created a Form using Word Processor, is that right? And this is not a fill out form? And you would like to add it on a Wix website?

    What I would suggest is that, if you already have a version of that form in JotForm, you can just get the PDF version of it and embed it to your Wix website where users could print. Here's how you can create a PDF version of your JotForm: http://www.jotform.com/help/212-How-to-Create-a-PDF-Form.

    You can also add print buttons to your JotForm, you can check this guide: http://www.jotform.com/help/24-Print-Button-on-Forms.

    If you would like to add a PDF file in your Wix website, you may need to contact their support team, I found one here that you can check: How To Embed Document in Wix.com 

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.