My account got disabled even after switching to regular (non SSL) submissions

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    Asked on February 18, 2015 at 01:12 PM

    I recently re-established the use of a form for my program.  In updating the form, I mistakenly indicated that I wanted the form secure, not knowing that for the Free and Basic plan, only 10 secure submissions would be accepted.  Upon receiving the warning that my account was about to run out of available forms for the month, I went in and changed the form to a non-secure form and since received two more submissions without issue.  Yet, this morning I received an e-mail indicating that my form was disabled due to the fact that my account reached its limit.  I was under the impression that accounts could receive up to 100 submissions of unsecure forms.  Did my form edit  to unsecure not happen?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Answered on February 18, 2015 at 03:05 PM

    You are correct Tony in believing that you should change the embedding code, but depending on a website (for example Google and Facebook), your jotform submissions might be still counted as secure because if not, the jotform would not be shown.

    It is also possible that someone was:

    1. using the link (if you have sent it over email) for secure jotform
    2. someone manually changed the link
    3. not all places where the code is embedded were changed.

    I have reactivated your account and reset the SSL submissions since it seems that all submission you got were made in this month, but please do note that we can do this only once.

    Do let us know if you continue getting SSL submissions, but please include the links to pages where the jotforms are embedded so that we can take a look at what might be going on.