How can I use QR Codes to send users to a Survey Form for 200 Shops?

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    Asked on February 24, 2015 at 07:24 AM

    Dear Sir,

    We want to make Customer Survey Form, Example :  there are 200 shops in the exhibition, each shop has a name, we want to make a qr code for each shop, as soon as the customer scans the qr code, it should take to customer survey form and automatically select the name of the shop in the shop name field then the mouse pointer to select the next question (Satisfied - Yes/No Button). Is it possible?



    Saudi Arabia


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    Answered on February 24, 2015 at 10:44 AM

    To my understanding you wish to create a complex survey form example for obtaining feedback by users from roughly 200 shops in an exhibition. 

    From my knowledge yes this should be possible but setting it up could take a while mainly due to the complexity you are trying to achieve.

    Because you are looking to achieve this via scanning the QR Code I would recommend that you have a setup of one jotform for each shop and that in turn would be connected to each survey.


    The four fields you'd mainly use are:

    #1 = QR Code Widget

    #2 = Conditional Logic

    #3 = Radio Button Field

    #4 = Header or Text Field



    Here's an Example Form of one way of how this could possibly work for 3 Shops below.

    The way it would work is the Master Form would be used with conditional logic to show the QR Code of choice. At that point the customer would scan that QR Code after searching for the Shop of Choice. The QR Code would take them to the correct Survey Form which they could then fill in and submit to provide the feedback about the associated Shop as you require.


    Master Form:

    Main Form for Shop QR Codes = 


    Slave Forms for your Shops:

    Shop Form A = 

    Shop Form B = 

    Shop Form C = 


    Screenshot Workflow Example:

    Step 1 - Type in Shop Name and Shop QR Code

    Step 2 - Open Survey URL 

    Step 3 - Fill out Shop Survey Form


    The above method is just one way you could do this. Another way would be to just copy the QR Codes somewhere or host them all on one form without searching for the shop name or have them in a list. The way I did this above is just to keep it flowing smoother in my example.

    Also, please note that this will not work if it was all within the same form because the QR Code uses redirection so that is why I have done it this way as seen above in a similar fashion. You will need a QR Code for each of the 200 Shop Survey Forms. You can use cloning to create it quickly.