Provide a discount if my users share a photo and comment about my company through my Jotform

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    Asked on March 01, 2015 at 02:36 AM

    I have a Quote Form in JotForms which has been incredible in saving me so much time.  I would like to offer each person that fills out the Quote form a 10% Discount or a Dollar amount if this works better if they Click a button and show a picture and short comment on their Timeline.  I was hoping JotForm would upload the picture and description to their Facebook page. I need to know they have not only clicked the Button but have indeed posted a photo and comment. So if this can be done by JotForm then it saves me wondering if they really did do this.

    eg. "We have just found an amazing Product" ( Picture Above text )

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    Answered on March 01, 2015 at 10:25 AM

    Sorry but this Facebook linkage feature you are requesting is not possible with Jotform currently. I take it that you would like your Jotform to allow your users to log into Facebook and post a picture and comment about your company (perhaps) after which you would automatically grant your discount? 

    I can pass on this information to our developers so that they can take it into consideration but in the meantime I would like to suggest another way to get this done.

    You can place a promotion package on your company's Facebook page advertising what your company as to offer. If a user comments on your post or shares it you would provide a discount coupon to that individual to reduce their price by 10% or a dollar amount. All the Paypal integrations that we provide facilitates this feature. You can view this guide for more info: 

    I know this can become tedious if there is a lot of traffic but it would be a good alternative to explore currently if you are considering spreading the word of your business on social medias. If there are any updates on your feature request, you will be notified via this thread. I hope the information provided somewhat helped in this situation and if further clarification is needed, don't hesitate to ask for further support.

    Thank you