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  • ttrs
    Answered on October 25, 2011 07:47 AM

    At the moment i have a form - select country - this then links to different forms for the same product we sell but with local prices. UK Pounds, US dollars, AUS dollars etc.

    For the user they have to select country, submit, then it goes to the specific page with the payment

    is there a simpier way of doing this so:

    1) it can all be done on one page (so i dont get notified everytime there is just a 'selection') and the user isn't redirected to two pages, using conditions?

    and/or 2) Have all the payments on one page - i tried this with paypal, but you can only select one currency.




  • NeilVicente
    Answered on October 25, 2011 10:22 AM

    Hi Phillip,

    Your goal can be accomplished by embedding all the country-specific payment forms inside your country selection form using the Free Text HTML tool, then using conditions to show them only if the corresponding country is selected.

    Multiple Choices   Payment Image 1 Screenshot 0

    Here's what you have to do:

    1.  Get all the iFrame embed codes for each of your country-specific payment forms (Setup & Embed > Embed Form > iFrame)
    2.  Edit your country selection form - remove the submit button then insert a Free Text field for each country. Since you have 6 payment forms, you must insert 6 Free Text fields.
    3.  Click on a free text you inserted, then click the HTML button at the toolbar

    Multiple Choices   Payment Image 2 Screenshot 1

    4.  Paste the embed code of each of your payment forms onto each free text field
    5.  Create condition to show a form only if the corresponding country is selected. Note that free text fields do not have a specified name in the conditions dialog. You must refer to the order of the free text field so that you'll know which one is which.

    Multiple Choices   Payment Image 3 Screenshot 2

    Check out this sample form to see this solution in action.

    Kindly inform us if you have further questions about this topic. Thanks!