How do I forward an HTML email

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    Asked on March 03, 2015 at 11:01 AM

    for reasons that don't bear going into, an organization that I work for has a couple of systems that do certain things well, but have holes.

    I'm interested in building a workaround for the fact that Vertical Responses NEW interface doesn't offer a "Forward to a Friend" link in the message.

    I have the message that I want available, I've sent it to myself. I can click the view as webpage link, and I can get the source code that lives behind the whole thing. I need a way to put a link into a DIFFERENT e-mail (with different content) that allows them to send message "A" to a friend.

    That person fills out the To and From e-mails, I've supplied the HTML code of the message, then they hit send and away it goes, looking just like my VR message layout.

    I'm brand new to JotForm, and I'm reasonably quick on the uptake, but would really appreciate some specific guidance on doing this thing.








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    Answered on March 03, 2015 at 12:37 PM

    Hi Christie,

    First, welcome to JotForm and thank you for your interest in using our product and service.

    I'm still having a hard time to understand the requirements that you would like to do. But, if you are looking on how to create a contact form that would let your users send a message to another person and having an email template that you created, then that is possible. 

    Although, because you are new to JotForm, it would be hard to explain all the functions. So here's a guide with an overview for each topic.

    1. Create a form.

    2. Here you can add different fields. To receive or send the submission or data to you or a specific person, you can do that by setting up your "Emails". 

    3. When you click one of the notification or autoresponder, you'll get this window, you will be able to fully style or change the email template, you can style using HTML.  

    4. From what I understand in your requirements, you have different email template coded in HTML. What I was thinking is to create multiple autoresponder with different styling or email template. You can set conditions to what autoresponder or based from a selection in your form fields. Here are the guides: 


    I hope that helps. I would also like to suggest that you check our different resources to help you get started with JotForm: 

    -Frequently Asked Questions

    -A Comprehensive and Complete Guide List

    -JotForm's YouTube Channel - Video Tutorials in Youtube

    -Apps Page and Widgets Page - Apps and Widgets that you can use to make your form more advance and useful. You can also integrate different application to manage data.

    -Theme Store and The Form Designer - You can make basic to advance designs that makes your form to look incredibly awesome. We do have great themes you can use at.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.