Can we do return email of submission form

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    Asked on March 12, 2015 at 07:49 PM

    We are receiving registrations for preferred classes.  Can we email back to the person registering showing the classes they requested?


    Also, We will probably have about 175 people registering for class -- since we have the 'free' program at this time, what will happen?  Will the program just not accept any more or will it delete previous submissions?


    Thank you for your assistance,


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    Answered on March 13, 2015 at 02:26 AM

    Hi Kathy,

    When you receive an email notification for a new submission you can reply on that email and the user should receive your response. BUT, you will need to properly set it up.

    1. Make sure that you have an email field in your form.

    2. Click the "Emails" and edit or add a new notification. Here we will edit the notification instead.

    3. When you edit it, you will then be directed to the "Compose Email", here you can totally change the email template and what to include in the body, click the "Reply-To and Recipient Settings" button.

    3. Here, fill out the correct fields. For this particular case, make sure to set the "Reply-To Email" to the email field of the form, this will let you reply to the email notification and it will be sent to the email address that was in the submission.


    For the other question that you have, I've created a separate thread so that we can assist you better, please refer to this link instead for the question regarding limits on Starter/Free plan: We will address to it shortly.

    Kind regards.