How Can I Use Already Existing Form Electronically.

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    Asked on March 22, 2015 at 05:33 AM

    My question is pretty simple. Let me first and foremost give you an overview of what its all about.

    1. I am working with an organisation were applicants apply for Visas manually. What i mean by manually is that, the applicant would have to print out the pdf forms on our website and fill by hand or using the computer to fill before printing. The applicant would then have to sign and post it or submit it in person to us. 

    2. This form which is on our website is an approved one from our authorities. Which means anything else which doesn't have the same feature or arrangement would prove difficult to pass. 

    3. We would like to keep the existing manual forms, but then applicants should be able to apply electronically online, then upon clicking "submission of the application" Jotform would then generate the old/ existing pdf form with all the data the applicant has provided completely filled out. With this process, we would receive the information electronically from the applicant as well as the printed and signed form which would come later.  

    We need this to be possible because we know that with Jotform one can have mandatory fields which the applicant can not avoid before moving to the next stage. But this hasn't been possible with the manual form of application, and its creating lots of challenges.  



    Please I would like to here from you on this regard. 



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    Answered on March 22, 2015 at 10:54 AM

    Hi John,

    The form is always possible in Jotform. In fact, you can just import the PDF form to your account and let our system transform it into an online form.

    Choose PDF Only after clicking Import button:


    Now, as for passing the data submitted in the online form to the PDF version of the form, unfortunately, we don't have a direct feature that you can use to accomplish this. A third party website will be used for this to work.

    You can use Webmerge: then integrate it through Zapier:


    But I would also like to mention that you can also generate a PDF format of the submission. In the form submissions page, you can click "Get PDF" or "Print" button:

    Here's how you can view the form submissions page: However, the PDF format won't look the like your PDF form. It's just a column of question and answer.

    You can also get the PDF format by including the get PDF link in the notification email:

    Thank you and let us know if you have any further questions.