How to create payment form with Stripe integration and Zoho Books on it?

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    Bobby Holland 
    Asked on March 24, 2015 at 09:13 AM

    I have a question about using Zoho Books.  I built a payment portal for a dental client of mine.  This is built in Wordpress and the payment form is using the Gravity Forms plugin.  You can see this payment page here >>

    Payments are processed via Stripe, and all someone has to do is fill out the form, specify how much they are wanting to pay, enter their credit card information, and hit submit - Stripe will then process the payment.
    The dental client has a whole list of people that are making payments.  So they asked me if there's a way to bring all of the patients into one system (like Zoho Books) where we can track patient payments, amount owed, etc...
    My question is - is there a way to link up the form on my website with Zoho Books so when a patient makes a payment, it automatically credits their account in Zoho Books and updates their balance along with tracking the payments made by the patient?
    I know that Zoho Books can send invoices and people can make payments off those invoices using Stripe.  But I'm trying to figure out a way to link Zoho Books with the payment form / payment portal I created.
    If the form I'm currently using on my site won't work, is there a way I could create an online payment form using Zoho Creator that would sync with the patients profile in Zoho Books?
    Does this make sense?
    Can this be done?
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    Answered on March 24, 2015 at 11:28 AM


    Upon checking your link, it seems like you have not yet created a form in JotForm and you are still new to our form builder.

    I would recommend that please do check our Support pages to learn more about our form builder:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Comprehensive User Guide

    Video Tutorials on YoutTube channel


    If you would like to create a basic order form, you can check this guide: We integration to different payment processors that you can use.


    Regarding the Zoho Books, we have a Zoho CRM integration that you can use to connect your JotForm form to it. Please refer to this link of the app:

    After you have all set it up, you can embed your forms using the "Embed Form" options. For powered sites, you can follow this guide:

    I hope this helps. Do let us know if you need more information on this. 

    Kind regards