Generating an auto reply to the person that filled the form with a link, that confirms that they are them

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    Asked on November 01, 2011 at 09:45 PM

    First of all thank you for an amazing tool. It is really powerfull!

    I have a question about auto responders.


    I would want to use this as an email newsletter form as well. But I only want people that are actually them, to receive our newsletter, since anything else would be illegal.

    Normally when i sign up for an emailnewsletter I have to confirm through a link, that it was me that signed up.


    How do i do that?


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    Answered on November 01, 2011 at 11:04 PM

    If I would like to have a newsletter list using Jotform to manage it and with the confirmation that you want, I will setup two forms.

    Form 1

    The first form will be to collect information with a question that asks if they want to be subscribed.

    Then I will have an autoresponder linking to a second form advising them that they need to confirm their subscription.

    Form 2

    On the second form, it will have just 2 elements, a text box for an email address then a dropdown labeled for something like 'Continue Subscription?'(Yes, No) defaulted to Yes. Through this, they will have to re-enter the email address as further proof.

    For this second form, create an autoresponder but make sure when you are in the 'Compose Email' portion that an 'Edit Link' is added that allows them to change the dropdown to 'No' at a later date.

    Here is a guide for adding an 'Edit Link'.

    Others might have a better idea to implement this.

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    Answered on November 02, 2011 at 02:43 PM

    My colleague's solution is fine and the following is just an enhancement.

    1. Create a form and be sure to include a "Full Name" field and an "Email" field and set both to "Required"

    2. Clone the form and from the said clone, delete all of the fields except "Full Name" and "Email"

    3. Embed the full source of the clone into a web page of your own and edit the source to include a readonly="readonly" attribute-value pair in the input tag of the "Full Name" field and another in the input tag of the "Email" field.

    4. In the first form, create an autoresponder and in its "Compose Email" section, include a link to the second form in the following manner:

    If the URL of the page within which the clone is embedded is, the tag for the "Full Name" field is "{fullName1}" and the tag for the "Email" field is "{email3}" (both tags are found in the "Answer" column of the same "Compose Email" section), then the link should be[first]={fullName1:first}&fullName1[last]={fullName1:last}&email3={email3}

    After typing the URL, convert it into a link by doing the following:

    a. Drag the mouse over it to select it and then hit [Ctrl+C] to copy it

    b. Click the "Insert/edit link" button and when the window pops up, paste [Ctrl+V] what was copied into the "Link URL" box and click "Insert"

    c. Save the form

    Here's a working example of such a system which you're welcome to clone and edit as you see fit. If you wish to receive notifications of submissions, you will need to change the Recipient E-mail in each from "" to you own address.

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    Answered on January 18, 2012 at 05:33 PM

    Can you make this simpler?

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    Answered on January 18, 2012 at 07:46 PM


    Whose solution and which particular step are you having problems understanding? If you can specify what exactly your issues are, we might be able to assist you and provide alternative steps that are easier to follow.