How do I add an extra submission to a form?

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    Asked on March 31, 2015 at 10:34 AM

    I am the admin for a Theatre School that deals with multiple submissions. There are quite a lot of parents who enrol more than one child and currently I am using a condition on the form 'Are you enrolling a second child' which will then give them an additional form to fill for the next child. If they select no, it doesn't show. This makes it easier for the parent so they don't have to load all of their information onto the form multiple times.

    My problem is that the additional children added to these submissions are appearing as one submission, which I knew would happen, but it's just a bit time consuming for me to have to sift through and extract the information.

    I'm wondering if there is a way for Parents to add an additional child, that is then received by me as an separate submission rather than on one submission.

    I hope that makes some sense?



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    Answered on March 31, 2015 at 12:00 PM

    There is possibility to use conditional logic to send Notification when some condition is set. In your case you can create new Notification that has only fields and value of fields for second/third child. Then when Notification is created you need to add new condition.


    In your case you can set conditions e.g. that if there is second or third child notification will be sent to your or desired email. 

    To find out more how to use conditional logic, please read this article:  

    Hope this will help. Let us know if you need further assistance. 

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    Answered on April 10, 2015 at 10:29 AM


    Thanks so much for your help - it kind of answers the question.

    But my problem isn't so much about getting a notification about extra children, it's getting the additional children to appear as separate submissions in the Jotform Submission database, but with their Parents information.

    For example say Joe Bloggs has 3 kids, and is signing them up, he enters his details as a Parent and then enters the details for his 3 kids and the emergency contact information. For him, it appears on one emergency contact form  for child - this is so he doesn't have to enter all his kids in separately, including having to input his details and emergency contact details in 3 times (and making 3 payments).

    For the family it's so much easier, but for me it a pain admin wise, because when I want to download all the info into Excel, or on to single page PDFs, the families with multiple children all appear on one long form, or in Excel this extends the document and takes ages to cut and paste al the information.

    I'm wondering if there is a way that means the process stays the same for the parents, BUT for me each additional child appears as a new submission, with their parents info and emergency contact details.

    It's difficult to explain so i've done a little diagram. The blue boxes are filled with the information that is the same for each child (i.e. the information that Parents with multiple children would have to enter 3 times if it wasn't all on one form), and the coloured boxes are the individual children's information.

    Rather than the three children coming in as one large submission, I want each child to be submitted as 3 separate submissions but with the 'blue' information being repeated for each.

    Does that make sense? Diagram is below, would be great to hear how you can help!


    Tom :)

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    Answered on April 10, 2015 at 12:09 PM

    To achieve that you will have to create three Email Notification for each child where you will put only fields that are representing parent information and information about appropriate child. When you create new Notification all fields will be there and you will have to delete fields that are not necessary. 

    And then you need to set Conditions for each Notification.

    Hope this will help. Let us know if you need further assistance. 

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    Answered on April 10, 2015 at 12:28 PM

    Hi thanks again,

    I think my question is being misunderstood.

    I don't want to receive email notifications about extra children. I want all this information to be entered separately into the submissions database. So theoretically it looks as if parents with multiple children would have filled out 3 separate forms, but without physically filling out 3 forms. Because if they did that, they would be entering everything but each individual child's infomation 3 times.

    That doesn't solve my problem.

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    Answered on April 10, 2015 at 02:01 PM


    Unfortunately, it is not possible to directly do this. As you already know, the form creates one submission, you cannot separate the information inside it to different submissions, especially you have integrated a payment tool which will only process one payment in one submission.

    But, I have some possible workarounds that I can think of, here they are:

    1. One form per student, if parents will add multiple children, we can use conditions to redirect them to the same form after submit BUT with the parents information already prepopulated which means they do not need to fill out those fields again, what they will fill out would only be the student information. BUT, this will trigger another payment. Inshort, parents can only pay one student per submission.

    2. Another case, you can create two forms. Form 1 will be the form that only collects student information (this includes the parents information), this is somewhat the same with option 1, we redirect the parents to the same form after clicking submit BUT information are already prepopulated aside from the student information. Form 2' will only be the order form, it will be the Final Form where the parents will make the purchase or payment. This is how it works:

    a. Parents fill out Form 1 if they have another child redirect to Form 1 but form already filled out except for student fields.

    b. If Parents are done filling out the form, redirect parents to Form 2 to make purchase/payment, the number of students will be the factor to calculate the price.

    Here's a guide on how to prepopulate the form fields:


    I know this might be confusing, but I hope it helped in some way. Do let us know if we're still missing the objective.

    Kind regards

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    Answered on May 09, 2015 at 09:44 PM

    We have had a similar situation and solved it by

    1.  setting the Autofill function in the form Preferences to Enabled, and then

    2.  Adding a back link in the Thank You message html:

    The link returns the user to the form with the information from the previous form intact. The user then just has to change e.g. the child's name and press submit. It can be repeated any number of times, sending a new submission each time.

    All the best

    Charlie (wsfarm)